Hi, Playing and lonley

I’ve started recently and knowticed something, very few people are ever on. I’m just a first year looking to make friends on the server and kinda lonley ngl. Still having a fun time and I love to do the HW (shocker) but I just want to enjoy it with some peeps. Idk why the server is so dead when it’s so much fun.


Hey! Glad you’re loving the server! Overall this type of Minecraft server doesn’t get too much attention compared to big minigame servers, and honestly the fact that there isn’t many people is a large contribution to why people don’t play that much. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? People don’t play because people don’t play. Anyway, if you can join the discord server, you’ll find a bunch of people to talk to! #general on discord typically has a conversation going on at most times that you can jump into to start meeting some new names!