Hippity Hoppity Easter Is On Its Way.. [ Easter Egg Hunt ]

Hogwarts Easter Egg Hunt

It appears that Hogwarts has had a mysterious visitor! He and his helpers have hidden some goodies around the school!

Can you solve this silly rabbit’s puzzles?


When is it?

The event will officially start on April 21st, 2019 at 2pm EST. It will last throughout the week to April 28th, 2019. This way everyone will have a chance to participate.

Where is it?

The first “clue” will be given in the Entrance Courtyard. It will be located at the big bunny statue built here so you can’t miss it! The rest of the locations are throughout the map. This includes Hogwarts grounds, the Forbidden Forest, Knockturn/Diagon Alley, and Yorkshire.


How will it work?

  1. You will be given clues to the location of each “egg” starting in the Entrance Courtyard. Each clue will lead you to your next location. You can identify an egg location as there will be an easter egg alongside a chest there.
  2. To prevent skipping ahead, all the chests will be password protected. The password to the first chest in the Courtyard will be Egg (make sure to capitilize first letters). DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS
  3. Inside each chest will be 3 things: A sweet treat, the next clue, and the password to the next chest. PLEASE ONLY TAKE 1 OF EACH!! Each password/riddle number correlates to its chest which will be labeled by #.
  4. You will need to KEEP THE PASSWORDS PAPERS!
  5. To claim your rewards for finishing the hunt, follow the instructions given at the last location :slight_smile:
  6. You can do it with friends, but you both will need to have the papers to get rewards.
  7. You are allowed to floo and fly as it is not a race. No apparition whatsoever Everyone who finishes gets a prize, but the 1st person to complete it will get something extra.
  8. Have fun! No cheating!

The exact amount of eggs hidden is 20 excluding the beginning.

Happy Hunting!


Special thanks to Keyla, Dani, Ryder, and Mel for letting me turn them into animals for this


Swiggity swooty comin for that booty



Due to the Easter Bunny’s wifi being problematic cough spectrum cough, the Egg Hunt will be postponed until April 21st, 2019 at 2PM EST. This helps accommodate both US and EU time zones. Sorry for the delay. Happy Easter!