Hogwarts Annual Yule Ball 2019

Hey Dudes!

The Yule Ball is making a comeback! :open_mouth:

Thanks to my co-hosts Michelle and Crystal :wink:

So go ask out a date and get ready!

When Is it?

  • The event will be held on Sunday, December 22nd.
  • It will start at 3 pm EST and it’s estimated to last around 2 hours.

How will you get to the event room?

  • Well, there will be a teleporter in the entrance hall courtyard the same day of the event.

What’s going to happen during this ball?
There will be three mini-games prepared + a raffle

  • The Skin competition
  • The winners of the skin competition will be crowned the Rulers of the ball
    (This year it won’t be divided into witch/wizard, so there may be 2 queens, 2 kings, 2 wixes, or 1 wix/1queen etc.)
  • Typical gowns and tux’s/formal wear
  • People not entering the skin competition will be voting on the skins
  • Prizes: Title of the ruler of the ball ;), 150 galleons each
  • People entering must reply to this fourms post with:
    Roleplay name:

  • Dancinggg!

There will be multiple stages of the dancing part of the event

  • Cha Cha slide - Everyone partakes in this dance together! (Need to join the music vc during this one, for the song! :D)
  • Free for all - During this dance you can do whatever, dance with your date! :wink: (Frozen songs will be included if you’re still in the vc)
  • Musical chairs!
  • Prizes: jukebox, all music discs, and 25 g

  • Snowball fight
  • The snowball fight will consist of multiple rounds, the first team (it’s a solo team, 1 person) to have won twice wins the prizes!
  • Prizes: 50 galleons and a pet ticket

  • Raffle
  • The raffle will start during the event, and will end a week later (December 29th) The winner of the raffle will be announced in #Global
  • This year you can only buy one ticket (5 galleons) to enter into the raffle.
  • Prizes: 500 galleons

Anything else?

  • Well… there will be heads, banners, and sweets sold in a shop during the event up until the 29th!

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  • IGN: ooopsybear & _Shizue
  • Roleplay name: Lily Lovegood & Sofia Slytherin

The skin competition isn’t a team thing, so both of you would be entering separately

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Ign: EmmaRose33
Roleplay name: Emma Rose


IGN: beckylynne
RP name: Becky delacour

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IGN : Pennymerry
RP Name : Penelope Stone

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IGN : vcam123
RP Name : Haley Robertson

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IGN: Zcythe_YT
RP Name: Thijs Dixon

IGN: crazymattia
RP Name: Sergio Strange

IGN: Ctr56
RP Name: Cris Malfoy

IGN: Bambae
Role play Name: Bambi Bell

Ign: Lillytippy
Roleplay name: Lilly Potter

Signing up for the SKin competition is now over- thanks to all who did!

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