Hogwarts Annual Yule Ball 2020

The Annual Yule Ball is back and brought to you by Saige and #Eva (Emma x Ava)!

There’ll be games, dancing, a skin competition, photo op backgrounds, and so much more! Even a Yule Ball exclusive souvenir shop!

Maybe even a raffle to win some awesome prizes :eyes:

Before the event area is officially opened, make sure to check in at the snowy booth so you can receive entrance into the raffles, evergreen bulbs, and your Day 19 doll after the event has ended!


December 19th @ 2 PM EST
This event is part of the 25 Days of December events so make sure to come if you want the doll (might even be 2 dolls that day, gotta come to find out.)


Old Event Hall
If you need help getting to the location, groups of people will be apparated before the event officially starts! For the people who want to be early, the coordinates are 1973 78 3376 and the hallway is somewhere off of the first part of Tapestry Corridor A.

Skin Competition:

As always, there will be a skin competition. You can go solo or if you’re matching with a friend/date, you can compete as a duo! To compete, you must be wearing typical formal wear (gowns/dresses, tuxes, suits, etc.) Those who don’t enter the skin competition will vote and decide the winner(s)! The winner(s) will be considered official “Event Winners” and receive star bulbs after the ball is over. To sign up, reply to this forums post with the below format:
RP Name(s):

Song Requests:

Have a song that you really want to dance to during Yule Ball? Request it! This year we’ll be taking song requests in advance. To request a song or a list of songs, dm Emma (emma_savage#6290), Ava (PigTheCat#4804) or Saige (SaigeTheBedtKookie#7713) the link(s) to the songs on YouTube, we’ll screen them to make sure they’re appropriate, then tune in to the Music Hall voice channel on the Knockturn discord server to hear your song be played during the ball!
Note: You may dm one of us 3 during the ball to request a song/songs however your song will be put on lower priority compared to advance requested songs and is not guaranteed to play during the ball.

Boat Ride:

Take a boat ride through a magical wonderland of snow during your time at the Yule Ball! Ride solo, with a friend, or get romantic with your date. There will be a shop sign selling spruce boats for 5 sickles each. Please don’t be greedy and take all of the boats! Only take 1 per boat ride. Also, please try to avoid creating bumper to bumper traffic during the boat ride, leave some space in between each boat. For the best experience, don’t hold W (or whatever your move forward key is) during the boat ride, lightly spam tap w to go slow and enjoy the scenery.

So go grab a date (or a friend/friend group) before it’s too late! See you all on the 19th :snowflake:


IGN(s): Lillytippy
RP Name(s): Lilly Potter


IGN(s): writtenShipper
RP Name(s): Bewenne Pearce


IGN(s): Smilemaster8 & CrystalizingBlue
RP Name(s): Smile King & Lilly Arima

IGN(s): Ctr56
RP Name(s): Cris Malfoy

IGN: lynxpla, vcam123
RP Name: Michael King, Haley King

IGN: OPbees
RP Name: Emily Stump