Hogwarts Clubs Guidelines and Rules!

Hello, Knockturn! We are excited to have our clubs! Now you can apply to make your club OFFICIAL!

Official clubs include being able to have their own club room and much more!

Club Manager : Bellona [ Narwhaldo ] Spiritus

Club Mod: Smol [ Ankybear ] Owen

Cost of Official Clubs
The price for a club is 800 galleons

So you’d like to form a club, well here’s how you can!

  1. ] All owners read the rules and make sure your club follows / will follow them
  2. ] Make sure your club will meet the guidelines
  3. ] Make sure you have 800 Galleons before applying
  4. ] Submit application to Club Staff via the Clubs section here. Follow the guidelines below
  5. ] Wait for approval from your Club Head
  6. ] Once approved wait for further instructions. When approved you will be notified on the forums as well as in-game.
  7. ] Get your meetings done on time and keep your members at 10 (including Owners) or more. Make sure to meet all rules at all times.
  8. ] Give money to Bellona [ Narwhaldo ] Spiritus when online (just poke ;p)
  9. ] Wait for club room if needed

Club Rules/Guidelines

Regular Meetings
Keep meetings of the club regular and make sure to give notice in advance

Weekly Newspapers
There is no longer a requirement for a weekly Newspaper. You may still have one but it will not be mandatory. This does, however, give great information to your members weekly though.

It must make sense in a roleplay-wise setting.

Always make sure you have at least 10 members (this includes your owners) in your club

Every Club must have at LEAST one official owner, the maximum amount of owners is four

Older Clubs
Any clubs made before this announcement must submit a new application. Until submitted your club will be deemed inactive and you will not be able to host it as a registered club.
Notice: This does not apply to Quidditch teams as they are server set clubs/teams.

Reasons for Club Revoking

If you do not meet club requirements like members, owners, meetings, or more your club will be revoked and you will need to reapply and possibly repay for it.

While your club may still be official, your club will no longer be considered active. Therefore you need to notify a club staff if and when you are starting up your club again.

Building Guidelines
If you break any building codes your club room will be revoked. Your club will still be a club, but you will not have a club room. You will normally be given a one to two week(s) notice of the violation so you can fix it. If it is not fixed is when action will be taken.

Server Rules
While clubs can have rules of their own, you and your club are still required to follow ALL server rules. Which means bug abuse, slander of other players, etc are NOT allowed in clubs.

Fill out this form to receive approval for your club to become official! (This does not apply to official Quidditch teams)

Please note this form is to be filled out only when the money is raised or when you are registering your already official club

Title Topic: Club Name - Application (ONLY if you are applying for the first time)
Title Topic: Club Name (ONLY if this club is ALREADY official and you are just registering it)

Name of Club:

Owner Roleplay Names and IGN’s:
(Min of 1, max of 4)

Total Club Member Count
(Minimum of 10 members, no limit after the 10)

Will you require a room in Hogwarts?
(Club Rooms are used for your club to have their meetings, but some clubs do not wish to have a room.)

What are the cords of your club room if you already have one?
(If not put N/A)

What is the main goal and purpose of the club?
(Describe what meetings will be like and what your club will do as a whole.)

How will you choose or invite the members?

Are there any requirements to join? If so, what are they?
(This includes any standards they must meet in order to join. Ex: A certain year, house, love of cake, etc).

Is this club already official?
(Meaning you have paid the fee and/or have a club room and are just registering it)

Commitment: You have read and agreed to all the rules and regulations, failure to comply or keep standard club practices will result in club termination by order of the Ministry.

Have ALL club owners agree to these guidelines

(Names of club owners)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Club Staff! Have a magical day!

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Hogwarts Club Updates:

Every 1st of the month official clubs (meaning they’ve payed the fee, been approved, have a room etc) will each be given “budget money”. This will be managed by Bellona who is club/event manager.

Anything they don’t use up by the 25th of that month is reclaimed and taken into account.

Original budget price is 100 galleons given to the club owner on every 1st of the month.

In the event of a club absolutely needing more funding they can request how much, why they need it, and exactly what it will be used for.

Club owners MUST log and track every purchase using the club funds. Example: 3 Pumpkin Juice - 6 galleons, Builder Bellona Spiritus for clubroom - 50 galleons, 64 cobblestone - 1 galleon, Prize for skin competition - 20 galleons.

Failure to log these purchases results in a club warning

Money can ONLY be used to benefit the club. Meaning to buy candies, snacks, drinks, for meetings to encourage the roleplay aspect.

Other uses include prizes for club events/contests, decorating the club room, decorating event spaces, paying a Builder to use blocks provided and bought by the club to decorate an area

Builder are NOT allowed to use their Creative Mode permissions but can use /fly. Builders can of course do this for free if they’re feeling generous

Builder team hiring for large events, and use of public spaces for these events must be pre-approved by Bellona. Any other public spaces used for events must also be approved (Example: Transfiguration Courtyard)

Clubs cannot host official events without an admin co-host. This includes major holidays, festivals, etc. They can be part of something but not a sole host.

Hogwarts Club Rule Changes:

The initial club starting fee is now lowered to 800 Galleons!!

Clubs get 3 warnings, on their 3rd warning they will be disbanded. Money put into the club or paying for its registration will not be refunded.

Clubs now must meet at LEAST one every IRL month or each club must have at least 1 public event per in game year (One irl month). It can range from a Snaps Tournament to a Fashion Show… Failure to do so results in a club warning

Clubs must also be able to stay at or above the required active member count (10)

Meetings of the clubs and events must be tracked alongside their funds. Example: Club Meeting - October 12, 2017 AND/OR Dueling Tournament - October 12, 2017. Clubs should have logged at least one of each by the end of the month

All club rooms now require a mailbox locked by the owners that can be visibly located. On or before the 30th of the month they must put the Attendance Log (For meetings and event), Treasury Log (purchases using club funds), and all left over money they have. Bellona will collect these on the 1st of the new month and give you your new month’s budget

Club Information Room

There is now a “Club Information Room” in the works! Here all official clubs will be able to have a spot in this room in order to have a club info board. The board will detail what your clubs is all about! More info to come about this soon