Hogwarts' Fifth Annual Secret Santa

Hi everyone! The Annual Secret Santa event has returned for the 5th time in a row! Yes, I know this event post is very late in comparison to previous years but I still invite you to come participate in this exciting event.

What in the world is Secret Santa?

During the tradition of Secret Santa, you are assigned one player and a list of gifts they wish to receive/ideas to use for inspiration. Before Christmas Day/December 25th, you’ll place your gifts (with preferably at least 1 gift being specifically from the player’s wish list) into a locked chest in the event room. As you are giving a gift to someone, someone else is also giving a gift to you, so make sure to submit a wish list so you can have a happy Christmas day! Once it reaches December 25th, I will personally dm participants the passwords to their gift chests on Discord so keep an eye out for that.

Important Things To Know
  • The deadline to sign up is December 24th at 9:00 am EST.
  • Once the sign up deadline passes, you will receive your assigned player, their wish list, and the password to the locked chest you’ll be placing gifts in for your assigned person. Do not share these passwords nor tell your assigned person that you are their Secret Santa, it’s “Secret” Santa for a reason.
  • The deadline to turn in gifts is December 25th at 12:00 pm EST.
  • Please message me (emma_savage#6290) on Discord letting me know that you are officially done placing your gifts in the assigned chest. This is so I can keep track of the good noodles and the bad noodles who have/haven’t submitted gifts.
  • Once the event has concluded, you are allowed to tell your player that you were their Secret Santa if you wish! You could do this by including a note within the gift, messaging them on the server, etc. This is of course optional and please do not pester players asking if they were your Secret Santa if your Secret Santa chose to not reveal themselves.
  1. One account per user. If I found out that you have entered multiple accounts into the Secret Santa, you will be removed from the event and lose out on all gifts.
  2. Do not ask for anything that costs real money (example: donation store items.)
  3. Do not share the names of other people’s Secret Santas. (example: If I know who Harry’s Secret Santa is, I’m not allowed to tell Harry who it is.)
  4. Do not share any passwords to chests that you are given.
  5. Drop off your gifts only in the assigned chest (I will be checking). If you fail to do so, the gift that was given to you will be given to your assigned person.
  6. Keep your list realistic. This is a Wish List, your Secret Santa isn’t obligated to buy you anything from the list. The list is to only give them ideas of what you would love. (example: don’t ask for 20000 Gambits or a crazy expensive broom)
  7. If someone other than the intended recipient is caught taking items from a gift chest that is not theirs, they will be punished for being a Grinch and trying to steal Christmas (aka stealing). An exception is if you dm me letting me know that someone else will be dropping off or picking up your gifts if you’re unavailable to.
Sign Up Format

Reply to this post with the below format to sign up to participate in the Secret Santa!

  • RP Name:
  • IGN:
  • Discord Username:
  • Wish List (3-5 things):

Friendly Reminder: This is an in game event so you must have access to the server to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please dm me on discord. Also, refrain from posting off-topic comments in the reply section. Thank you! :snowflake:

  • RP Name: Quinn Schoenheit
  • IGN: cndywolf
  • Discord Username: HerPrince<3#5135
  • Wish List (3-5 things): snacks. like candy and stuff. just buy me candy. or cute things? I dunno- it’s gonna be in a chest right, so maybe make a nice design… oo, or maybe some fun potions or alcohol things? I love messing around with that stuff :smiley: to be honest I’d be happy with basically anything as long as you don’t give me cobblestone.

RP Name: Penguin Dedworth
IGN: DeathPenguin270
Discord Username: DeathPenguin#3588
Wish List: acromantula, fire crab, pet floo (floo powder renamed with an anvil), peace disturbers, chocolate frogs

RP Name: Nico Warbeck
IGN: Petito_Nico
Discord Username: Petito_Nico#4160
Wish List: A pet, a cool potion, something that you think is pretty cool, candy

  • RP Name: Penguin Adelaine
  • IGN: PenguinGoggles
  • Discord Username: PenguinGoggles#5095
  • Wish List (3-5 things):
    -A new broom? (not a fast one just ones that a bit slower and turn more easily, or just give me some recommendations)
    -Celebration Apples, candies \o/
    -Spell Scrolls (maybe this is too much lmao)
    -fun story books
    -(if you have no idea what to give) money :P.
  • RP Name: Harry King
  • IGN: D_6
  • Discord Username: Harry King#4600
  • Wish List (3-5 things): A cool handwritten book
    A fancy piece of artwork
    Something you think would interest me
  • RP Name: Maya Harlow
  • IGN: Mayish
  • Discord Username: Mayish#7570
  • Wish List: Candy with fun effects, potions, pet tickets