Hogwarts' Fourth Annual Secret Santa

The Annual Secret Santa is back for this holiday season! Eva (Emma & Ava) invite you to participate in Hogwarts’ Fourth Annual Secret Santa event

What is Secret Santa, you ask?

Secret Santa is a holiday tradition where you are given a person and their wish list. You then give your person some gifts (preferably at least 1 gift being from their wish list but you are free to give other random gifts) and place it in a locked chest in the event area. While you are giving a gift to someone, you will also be receiving a gift! You do have a deadline to deliver your gifts so make sure to get them in unless you want to lose out on your own gift! On the 25th of December (Christmas Day), passwords will be sent out to the recipients and you will be able to see all of the goodies your Secret Santa got you!

  1. Deadline for sign ups is December 13th at 11:59 pm EST.
  2. On December 14th, you will receive the information of the person you are a Secret Santa for through discord. You are getting gifts for this person.
  3. You will be given a password to a chest in the event area where you can put your gifts for your person in.
  4. Deadline to turn in gifts is December 22nd at 11:59 pm EST.
  5. When you have turned in your gift to the chest, message Ava (PigTheCat#4804) or Emma (emma_savage#6290) on Discord letting us know so that we can check you off.
  6. You can at the end of the event or later tell the person who you were a Secret Santa for that you were there Secret Santa! This is optional. (example: If I was Ava’s Secret Santa, at the end of the event I can tell Ava I was her Secret Santa.)
  1. One account per user. If Ava and/or I found out that you have entered multiple accounts into the Secret Santa, you will be removed from the event and lose out on all rewards (Secret Santa gift, participation doll, etc.)
  2. Do not ask for anything that costs real money (example: donation store items.)
  3. Do not share the names of other people’s Secret Santas. (example: If I know who Ava’s Secret Santa is, I’m not allowed to tell Ava who it is.)
  4. Do not share any passwords to chests that you are given.
  5. Drop off your gifts only in the chest (Ava and I will be checking). If you fail to do so, the gift that was given to you will be given to a different person.
  6. Keep your list realistic. This is a Wish List, your Secret Santa isn’t obligated to buy you anything from the list. The list is to only give them ideas of what you would love. (example: don’t ask for 2000 galleons or a crazy expensive broom)
  7. If someone other than the intended recipient is caught taking items from a gift chest that is not theirs, they will be punished for being a Grinch and trying to steal Christmas (aka stealing). An exception is if you dm Ava or Emma letting us know that someone else will be picking up your gift for you.
Sign Up

Reply with the below format to sign up to participate in the Secret Santa!

  • RP Name:
  • IGN:
  • Discord Username
  • Wish List (3-5 things):

Remember: This is all in game so you must have access to the server to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please dm Ava or Emma on discord. Refrain from posting off-topic comments in the reply section.


RP Name: Haley King
IGN: vcam123
Discord Username: Haley#4388
Wish List (3-5 things): chocolate frogs, jokes, anything else you can think of


RP Name: Pandette
IGN: iarepandemonium
Discord Username: Pandette#0001
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • Hahaha like I am gonna give you a hint?
  • Good luck
  • RP Name: Jade Howden
  • IGN: ABunny4Life
  • Discord Username BunnyYT#1536
  • Wish List (3-5 things):
    Star Bulbs
    money lol
    anything you want to give me :slight_smile:
  • RP Name: James Auditore
  • IGN: izikeo
  • Discord Username izikeo#1273
  • Wish List (3-5 things): Licorice Wands, help with a gift for a friend (essentially a space filler) , if you can think of something feel free to go with it

RP Name: Cris Malfoy
IGN: Ctr56
Discord Username: Cris#0884
Wish List (3-5 things):
–> Candy, a story book, something interesting :thinking:

  • RP Name: Penguin Howden
  • IGN: PenguinGoggles
  • Discord Username: PenguinGoggles#5095
  • Wish List (3-5 things):
    - A new broom cause I lost my Moontrimmer
    - Story Books
    - Sweets and candies
    - Money (If you don’t know what to give me xD)

RP Name: Daniel Owen
IGN: danichef
Discord Username: danichef#0001
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • Original, Self Made
  • Very Original
  • Very Self Made
  • Good luck whoever does this :wink:

RP Name: Rey Wayland
IGN: Tereazer
Discord Username: Tereazer#2759
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • Candy and chocolates
  • A pet
  • Something from the event store
  • Something creative

RP Name:Duck Lupin
IGN: ItsEuie
Discord Username:ItsEuie#4532
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • I have got literally nothing I specifically want, get me whatever you’d like! Merry Christmas!!

RP Name: Blaire Slughorn
IGN: Deathofafangirl
Discord Username: Imheretoo#3481
Wish List (3-5 things): Candy, ingredients for potions, an inexpensive pet


RP Name: Cassie Slytherin
IGN: Cazoe
Discord Username: Casssiee#7419
Wish List (3-5 things):
- Candy
- Anything
- Surprise me!


RP Name: Alex Rogers
IGN: quoetic
Discord Username: Alhexc#4627
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • Candy
  • Literally anything else, go wild!

RP Name: Bewenne Pearce
IGN: writtenShipper
Discord username: biitch#5564
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • Candies
  • A pet
  • Event or non-event money
  • Something special!
  • RP Name: Lilly Arima
  • IGN: CrystalizingBlue
  • Discord Username: Lilly Arima#5476
  • Wish List (3-5 things): Pet Food (I have almost all the pets but mostly I need whatever the dragon eats lol), something you made (book/card idk), Galleons/Star Bulbs, Food (I love Cauldron Cakes and bread), literally whatever you want lol I’m fine with anything
  • RP Name: Almerian MacCraith
  • IGN: AlmerianMC
  • Discord Username: Almerian#8193
  • Wish List (3-5 things):
    Event doll (any)
    A story!

RP Name: Smile King
IGN: smilemaster8
Discord Username: smilemaster8#0693
Wish List (3-5 things):

  • I honestly really don’t mind, if you want give me something specific I like spells, potions but also just self-made things. I’ll be happy with anything anyway!
  • Bellona or Daniel doll (if you want to really spoil me)
  • Event dolls that I miss (guess I’ll post em here once I do? Lol
  • Something unique
  • Hugs

RP Name: Souless Bailey
IGN: IAmSouless
Discord username: IAmSouless#7625
Wish list (3-5 things):

  • Candy
  • Spell scrolls
  • Anything you all want, pets are a fun thing, anything you’d think would suit me. ;D

RP Name: Bellona Spiritus
IGN: Narwhaldo
Discord Username: Narwhaldo#9334
Wish List (3-5 things):
-Any doll from the events that I missed (esp if I miss Fleur, or Cho!)
-A book that will make me smile
-Candy for the Ravenclaws because they take all my candy


RP Name: Abigail Calderon
**IGN ** NopeAlty
Discord Name IdK#1866
Wish List
UHH idk choco frogs,
a new broom (not an amazingly good on)
star bulbs ig
idk anything else