Hogwarts Mystery

Hi kids… cough Sorry I’m a bit cough sick cough… sighs

Don’t go swimming at night kids. So! This RP is going to be around everyone’s 4th year. Cuz who wants to be a year or lower. Psssh. Boring.

This is going to be an RP about everyone’s life, along with them going around Hogsmeade, etc. You have a wand, one pet, and you can grins evilly go to classes if you want. (Bleh).
However this won’t just be any ordinary Hogwarts RP! MWHAHAHAHA.

Random events can happen to you, and will be labeled as event. Should you find one, they may reward you well! Pets can also help you out in these situations, so make sure to trust your furry friends. Or scaly friends. Whatever.

Now for the setting. Word has it that certain groups still want to become the next Voldemort. Track them down, and stop the future calamity before it ensues! Clues will be issued out, and work together to stop them! As a 4th year, you may cast more advanced spells such as Stupefy. However nothing more ridiculous such as the Unforgivable Curses, really dark magic, and yes, you can cast spells like Sectumsempra. Doesn’t mean it will hit though. :stuck_out_tongue:

SO! You all start at the Hogwarts Express, and begin your year at Hogwarts as a 4th year. Are you ready?

Year: 4th
Wand: (Describe it. Can’t be Elder)

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Name: Ashley Lovegood

House: Ravenclaw!

Year: 4th

Description: She is dreamy and a booknerd. She has short ash blonde hair and blue-gray eyes.

Pet: Kitty Kitty Mrow Mrow!

Wand: Mahogany with unicorn hair, 10 inches.

The Hogwarts Express train began to whistle as multiple people began to board it. Parents said their farewells and the young wizards and witches started to board it.

“All aboard!” White steam began to rise

(@Geentiger829 @GinnyGinger )

Name: Maddison Rosemary
House: Slytherin :snake:
Year: 4th
Pet: Tabby cat
Wand: 11 inches, willow wood, unicorn hair core

She clutched her marbled tabby cat, Benjamin, around the waist. He mrowed in annoyance.

A conductor glanced at everyone boarding the train. “Ashley Diamond, Maddison Rosemary, Daniel Park…” He mumbled.

The train started to move

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(I’m actually re watching all the harry potter movies with my little brother caues he has not seen them XD)
Name: Kha rento
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 4th
Pet: owl
Wand: (this ok @Kaneki)

Maddison rushed onto the train with her things just in time. She looked around for an empty compartment or her friend.

(@Geentiger829 What is it made of bro…)

The train began to move on and green scenery rushed past everyone.

Kah ran on to the platform, she made her way onto the train and sat down in a seat.

A boy with a newspaper whispered in hush voices. “Another Death Eater attack… Wonder who’s going to die next…”

The whole atmosphere seemed more than a bit tense.

Event: Analysis!
Find out what’s going on in Compartment 1B

(I’m gonna be a Gryffindor cause nobody is a Gryffindor)
Name: Sofia Blishwick
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4th
Pet: Black cat
Wand: (Will update this later because I want it to be my in game wand since I love my in game wand. I know it’s blackthorn wood.)
Desc: long pastel blue hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

A loud sound erupted as a large boom could be heard across the train.

Maddison dropped all of her things and ran to it.

Two kids could be seen with their wands out, and one of them had a murderous glint in their eye. “Bombarda!” One yelled.

Cast Protego!
Leave the boy be

Maddison yelled “Protego!”

(gtg for a bit.)

Kha ran over to see her best friend there cast Protego at the two boys fighting, she did the same. “Protego.”

The spell rebounded and exploded into the door as the two boys were pulled apart by others students.

A Ravenclaw prefect came in. “What’s going on here?”