Hogwarts Spring Fling

Spring is coming to Hogwarts!

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and students are getting restless. To appease that restlessness, the professors have discussed it and are planning a Spring Fling for Hogwarts students of all years! Those in attendance will want to dress up for the dance portion and find a date, as well!

Event Time

This event will begin on Monday April 2nd, the day after Easter for those who celebrate it, and will end on Sunday April 8th.

Notable Activities

There’s plenty to do at this event, as per usual with our seasonal adventures! This time you can expect

  • A dance in the Transfig Courtyard, Monday the 2nd, 7pm EST
  • A skin contest for your best spring-themed outfits, Saturday the 6th at 12 Noon EST
  • Fireworks display, Sunday the 8th, 7pm EST
  • Hedge mazes ranging from Easy to Hard under the Flying rings
  • Discounted spring snacks and candies
  • Selfie areas for you and your friends


Of course there will be fun prizes for completing the mazes, including special banners and belated April Fools’ related items!

On top of that, there’s the prizes for the skin contest. Those not participating will vote on the winners, first prize receiving 100 galleons, second place earning 75 galleons and third place getting 50 galleons.

A Special Note

Something odd may happen during the event, especially with so many people gathered at one dance…I wonder what might go wrong this time? Be at the Transfiguration Courtyard at 7pm EST on the 2nd to find out.



This event is gonna be awesome ^-^


I cant come coz thats like 2 am for me :cry:

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Sorry about that! But the mazes will be available at all hours of the day and you can take selfies with friends in your timezone :3

Next event we’ll try to have more things available 24/7

Oh no, my timezone isn’t prepared for that either

Oof the dance will be tight for me. I’ll have just gotten home from school probably.

Whyyyy I’ll be MIA ;-;

Thanks for taking it in cosnideration I really appreciate it coz its almost always like this :joy:

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OOO yess this is gonna be awesome

In next event could there be more 24/7 or earlier stuff you can do with friends please?

Check my earlier reply xD

24/7 activities would mostly be parkour/casting courses/mazes/etc but there’ll be some brainstorming to come up with a bit more. :sunny:

This is gonna be awesome yo! Looking forward to the mazes and selfie areas, I need a new phone wallpaper lmfao.

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I’m so excited for this :smiley: I haven’t been to an official server event in a while! I Can’t wait for next week!

Cant go, Midnight for me and I have to do art practise xD

So you said the skin comp was on Saturday the 6th, but today is the 6th. So do you mean today or tomorrow?

Date error! Good catch. It’s Satuday the 7th but the time has been moved to 1pm EST due to a scheduling issue. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion!