Hogwarts Star Helper

Hey everybody! :smiley:

We are bringing back Star Helper! (Yes… again! Hopefully this time it will stay monthly!) This sort of thing is similar to “Staff of the month” or “Student of the month”. Each month a certain staff team will be selected and the staff member that seems to stand out the most due to hard work will be called to attention and given the title of “Star Helper/Mod+/PA or Professor”.

Be that as it may, before we choose one, we need your assistance! Despite the fact that the decision won’t be 100% dependent on this survey, it will help our heads of staff teams, in this month, It’d be Ryder King (Me) or Daniel Owen to choose who gets star helper if it results in a draw.

This round I decided to start with the helper team! The helpers duties are;
o They help new people, by getting them started on Knockturn.
o Answer Questions in house, local, and global chat.
o Answer helpops
o They are role models for newer students, and answer any question you may have!

You have until February 25th (2/25/20) to vote

  • Theo Harrison
  • Becky Delacour
  • Harry King
  • Jordyn Collins
  • Ashleigh Rose
  • Emily Allen
  • Annike Runcorn
  • John Adams

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Also remember; no matter the results of the poll, every single helper does a good job and are amazingg!!:heart: