Hogwarts - The Living

  • To get into the point of this roleplay: As we all know, Hogwarts has always seemed to have a mind of it’s own. And while some may argue that it’s the enchantments, others argue Hogwarts is alive. In this story, Hogwarts seems to be going a little crazy. It is becoming frantic, as if afraid of something. The stairs are moving faster, the people of the paintings are cowering, etc.
  • A certain group of children find themselves being “guided” by Hogwarts. This meaning Hogwarts is pushing them to do things, such was wander down this corridor, sneak out of the common room, etc. How and why Hogwarts is doing this is up to you, so we will find out.
  • Throughout this RP you can develop what Hogwarts is fearing, and weather it is living or not, and of course the People that are RPing will be the students being urged.
  1. Do not make an overpowered character
  2. Keep it Pg 13, hugging and kissing …sure…but no farther -.-
  3. Once we are really into the RP, don’t join super late/ But if you join slightly later, make sure you read all the previous post
Follow the Format below to join

RP name You do not have to use you’re rp character on the server, make a new one if you wish
RP year No Year sevens, in this RP no one is of age

You can slowly mix your personality and looks-description in the roleplay, or plainly state it.

Roleplay Introduction

The great hall is a special place at Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and wizardry. It is one of the only places you can find the entire school together. Houses, students, and staff alike. The past evenings in particular, the staff table seems to have a flurry of activity.Stern faces and tense muscles accompany it. The tables of students have not changed, although they can tell something is going on. They, however, think nothing of it…something is always happening at Hogwarts.

So, I’ll get us started then.

Rp Name Ian Mckonley
RP House Hufflepuff
RP Year 3rd

See, this is not my real RP character. I’m a raven at heart

Ian silently ate his salad while his friends had disappointing looks on there faces. The meet today was bad. It was almost muggle-fast-food worthy. Ian, however, could of cared less. He was a vegetarian after all.
Ian had been watching the staff table for the the past week. He was sure the lack of meat was due to the house elves rationing. Why, was the question. Hogwarts seemed perfectly normal to him. Well as normal as Hogwarts could get.

He finished his dinner and groggily headed for the Hufflepuff Common Room.

RP Name: Deryn Griffiths
House: Gryffindor
RP Year: 3rd

Deryn talked to her friends, as lively and social as ever. She didn’t care about the food, really. Well, she did, but she mostly anticipated the desserts, anyway. At least, going meatless for one night would offer a healthy change. After hearing a story about what happened in her friend’s History of Magic class, she went up to the common room, eager to finish her homework and get to bed early.

Rp Name Matthew Bailey
RP House Gryffindor
RP Year 3rd

Matthew rushed down the hall. He was late for dinner. As he arrived in the Great Hall, he realized he was way later than he thought. He didn’t have much of an appetite anyway. His homework was due tomorrow, and it was for his worst class, Magical Theory. He ran up the stairs to the gryffindor common room. as he approached the last set of stairs, they moved much faster than usual away from him. He ended up waiting for 10 minutes before he reached the common room. As he walked in, he noticed that Deryn was the only one left still up. “Hey, Deryn.” he said.

“Hey, Matthew.” She was an unusually perceptive girl, and a small smile graced her features. “Magical Theory homework coming along well?” She could typically tell the days where he had to do Magical Theory homework as opposed to other days, as he always had a look of disappointment and stress.

“I wish! What’s the point of that class? to drive us mad?” He rambled. “Sorry for freaking out.” He sat down. “What homework do you have?”

“History of Magic… Arithmancy. Although, I’ve already done my Arithmancy.” She smiled. “I’m about three-quarters of the way through my History of Magic homework, and I basically have only a few more questions to do. After that, well… I’m free for the night.” She couldn’t wait to get that extra sleep she so craved. “Anyway, don’t let that third-year stress get to you. We’ve come this far, right?” She laughed.

RPN: Serah Goue
RP House: Slytherin
RP Year: Year 3

Serah followed her friends through the halls, heading towards the Slytherin common room after a filling dinner. As the others talked about homework and that one teacher they just couldn’t stand, Serah found herself drifting out of their conversations. Truth was, she couldn’t care if the Care of Magical Creatures professor was a bit crazy at times. Right now, she just wanted to fall into bed and be asleep instantly.

((Just going to leave this here))

It was Ian’s third year at Hogwarts. He knew the place pretty much like the back of his hand. But as he was heading back to the common, he was perplexed that he couldn’t remember where to turn. He stood there, dumbstruck. As if The common room didn’t even exist.

“Yeah.” Matthew grinned. “But I can’t wait till Christmas. We can finally go to Hogsmeade!”

RPN: Sofia White
RP House: Ravenclaw
RP Year: Year 3

Sophia was sitting in her common room after a long tasteless dinner in the great hall she was reading over history books to see if something is wrong with Hogwarts see if something has happen cause in her few years here the food has never been this bad or the stares been so frantic even some ghosts are spooked there has to be something wrong

RPN: Kaneki Lee
RP House: Ravenclaw
RP Year: Year 6

Kaneki sat at the end of a table in the Ravenclaw common room waving his wand bored. A few sparks of red and black light shot out, until Kaneki muttered, “Blauflamma,” and set the curtains on fire. Kaneki glanced over and pointed his wand and the flames went out instantly. Groaning he immediately slouched in his seat and waved his wand, making ink on a piece of parchment spread out like a web of words that would eventually make his essay.

“And…” she said as she finished the last word of the last question. “Done! I’m going off to bed, as I’d like some rest. Good luck!” With that, she walked up the steps to the Girls’ Dormitory.

“Thanks!” Matthew finished his magical theory an hour later. “Time for bed,” he said. “So… tired…” He fell onto his bed and immediately passed out out.

Roran began letting his legs carry him down different corridors. His mind was still confused, and he figured that if he could get back to the Entrance hall he would be able to figure everything out. His leg muscles, however, didn’t remember the way back. He eventually found himself in the dungeons, where he saw a group of Slytherins heading back to their common room. He tried to catch their gaze…