Holi Festival Event; Scavenger Hunt Result!

The scavenger hunt is over! Hope you weren’t struggling too badly. <3
And now, the moment you have been waiting for… here are the top 3 winners!

First Place: Harry King! 0:30:52
Second Place: Euie Lupin! 1:21:45
Third Place: Rey Wayland! 1:28:26

Congratulations! We have a total of 26 players participating in the event, with only 10 players completing it. (I didn’t expect that at all.)
Here are the other 6 players;
4th Place: Luke Schoenheit 1:41:01
5th Place: Lilly Potter 1:50:09
6th Place: Maya King 1:52:55
7th Place: Anthony Dawson 2:18:03
8th Place: Cris Malfoy 2:47:21
9th Place: Penguin Dedworth 4:29:15
10th Place: Emily Stump 5:13:08

The answer for every hints is here!

Location 1: A place to go look for stars

Astronomy Tower; This should be straightforward with no explaination needed.

Location 2: Where the nurse demands you

The hospital; This might mislead some of you to the infirmary, as both place has nurses that demands you to stay at their place until you are recovered.

Location 3: A mystical place in Wiltshire that is made up of stones

Stonehenge; Stonehenge is a place in Wiltshire which is well known by it’s amazing stones structure.

Location 4: Where the bell rings

Little Hangleton Church; This clue might mislead you to some other churches, or Bell Tower. Hope that didn’t take you too long!

Location 5: One of the stands that surrounded an arena that uses broom

One of the Serpentine stands in the quidditch arena; Quidditch uses broom to play the game, also hope that you didn’t have to check every stands!

Location 6: A tree that loves to whack people

Whomping Willow; The Whomping Willow whacks every players who is near them.

Location 7: A courtyard that isn't in KnockTurn Academy and also has a fountain in the middle.

The Yorkshire Courtyard near the mall; This courtyard is near the the mall, which is next to the Subyork Alley.

Location 8: One of the hotter places in KnockTurn Academy

Greenhouse 1; Greenhouse 1 contains lava and other plantss that grows well in hot places. Quite hot in there, isn’t it?

Location 9: In memories of Bethie Malfoy

Malfoy Manor; There is a staue in Malfoy Manor with a sign that says “In memories of Bethie Malfoy” in there.

Location 10: This place is in Yorkshire, it brings the opposite of its name to the scene.

The Yorkshire Fire Station; The firefighters brings water, the opposite of fire, to the place that is burning, the scene.

Thank you everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt event!
Big Thanks to Haley King for setting up the npc!
Hope to see you soon! emma i wanna be host of this type of event more often :smiley:


Woooo Congrats to everyone!!! This was so fun! (torture due to some brain farts but fun)


Thanks for the fun pengu! May have been torture at times, but oh boy was it a blast!

Congrats to everyone who finished!
Good try for those that didn’t!


No never again :heart: (kidding ofc lol)

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