Holi Festival Events


Hi everyone! The Holi Festival is going to take place from March 20th to April 4th! We will have plenty of events being hosted and even a special quest as well to do during this time period.

Joining us this season is an international student! His name is Kabir Bhasin, and he’ll teach you all about Holi and the celebrations around it!

Some sheps have broken into the powder storages and are now very brightly colored! It’s up to you to save all of the powder you can for the festivities!


CaptureFlagv2-removebg-preview (1)
Hosts: Theo & Rey
Time(s): March 20th, 10 am & 6 pm EST
Description: Two teams compete against each other and rush to capture the other team’s flag. The first team to have their own flag & the opposing team’s flag at their home base first wins.

Hosts: Anthony & Souless
Time(s): March 21st, 10 am & 5 pm EST
Description: Players are affected by different potion effects while traversing through a large maze, first one to the end wins.

ScavengerHunt-removebg-preview (1)
Hosts: Penguin H.
Time(s): March 22nd, All Day
Description: The clues will be given to you one by one. When you go to the correct location and click the particles, another clue will be given. Repeat these actions until all locations have been found.

Hosts: Saige, Angelina, & Ava
Time(s): March 24th, 8 am & 4 pm & 8 pm EST
Description: Players knock each other off of the hill, last one standing wins.

Hosts: Harry & Katna
Time(s): March 26th, All Day
Description: A large parkour map that players must navigate through.

Hosts: Cris & Harry
Time(s): March 27th, 10 am & 8 pm EST
Description: Players will compete building a colorful shop of any kind in the preset buildings. The only requirement is that you somehow “sell” the typical colorful powders for any who would want to join in the fun! With all the different blocks you could want to choose from, you can also give your shop a name, and the winner of each event time will also be displayed somewhere on the main server.

Hosts: Ellie
Time(s): March 28th, 8 am & 7 pm EST
Description: Players will have a certain amount of time to find a hiding spot around the map. After time is up the seeker will begin looking for the players. If you are found by the seeker you are out. The last player remaining wins.

Hosts: Emma & Ava (#Eva)
Time(s): March 29th, 8 am & 3pm & 7 pm EST
Description: One player will start as the pusher and the other as the AFK user. The duos will move through obstacles then eventually switch roles. The first duo to the end wins.

Hosts: Pandette
Time(s): March 31st, All Day
Description: Players use clues given to fill in words into the crossword puzzle.

Hosts: Emma & Ava (#Eva)
Time(s): April 2nd, 8 am & 3 pm & 7 pm EST
Description: Players are given shears that break multicolored wool blocks in order to make their opponents fall into the lava below.

Hosts: Ava & Angelina
Time(s): April 3rd, 9 am & 5 pm EST
Description: People race to destroy as much ice as possible. When the time for each round is over, the person who destroyed the most ice wins that round.

Hosts: Maya & Anthony
Time(s): April 4th, 10 am & 5 pm EST
Description: Players compete solo to find coins hidden around the map. The player with the most coins at the end wins.

Event Shop


Participation Tokens

The participation shop is making a come back as always! Attending an event each time will reward you with powder bags which you can spend in the participation shop to buy some fun items. The participation store will be available after all of the events have concluded. This is just to make sure you don’t spend your powder bags without knowledge of how many you’ll end up collecting!