Holiday Happiness Event

It’s December, and 'tis the season at Hogwarts!

In a show of happiness, love and sharing, we the staff of Knockturn Network’s Harry Potter server would love to welcome you all to our Holiday Event. Hopefully you all have excellent friends and family to spend the times with, and if you’re looking for company you’re always welcome to come join us.

This year we’ll be jumping, climbing and sliding our way through a frozen castle! Who knows what treats may be hidden within? You may even find some special members of our staff hiding among the decorations!


What can you expect?

  • Parkour
  • Mazes
  • Hangout spots
  • Photo-ops with Santa’s Helpers and our special staff members around the map. Try to find the owners!
  • Shop and club spaces!

Now, you may be wondering what those last two mean. To explain the staff members, there are named mobs hidden in fun areas across the event space. The first person to get a selfie screenshot with each one and post all of the images in this thread will win a special prize!

For the shop spaces, we’re bringing back the opportunity for players to open up shops in the event area! If you’re interested in opening a shop, message me here on Discourse saying that you’re interested and what you may like to sell. Space is limited though, so we’ll be raffling the spots off by random draw!

@Narwhaldo can explain how clubs will be involved. ;3

Expect the event to be open by December 20th, and for it to carry on until New Years when we’ll be hosting a fireworks show to ring in 2018 with style.

Happy Holidays!



Clubs will also be able to participate in this event by being given a small space. This is where you can set up a small booth,stand, game, or whatever generally advertising your club! Mail @Narwhaldo on the forums using this format:

Club Name:
Space idea( what you will put in your given space)

Clubs will be put into a raffle, the winning club recieves the largest and most frontal space. The others will still recieve a spot! :wink:

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This post is to keep track of all raffle winners throughout the winter event! Bellona and Almerian will both be using this post so check for updates :3

Shop Space Raffles

Congrats to Nygma Williams, Cassie Anderson and Khan Foster for winning your shop spaces! I’m sure we all look forward to seeing what you have for sale

The event will open at 8pm EST tonight, December 20th.

Shops run by both the server and players are available to buy from, with a variety of goods…including a snowball stand so you can have fights while running around!

All proceeds from the Snowball Stand go to providing gifts for those people whose Secret Santas abandoned them.

If your player shop isn’t set up yet, contact Almerian (myself!) ingame, or if the event has already started when you get online, go to the event space and find the shop that you own. :smiley:

Still a classic Hermund Druthers xD

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A what? XD

This sounds interesting… I might just be at a hotel with internet o.o

I hope I’m not the only one who thought that was elsa’s castle when she first saw the picture…


That looks nothing like Elsas castle though o.o wat

Question: will we be told how many staff members there are?

No, but it will be only admins, owners, and people who helped build the event. All of which you can count (admin+) or are credited (the builders) on the map! ^^

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Yay for parkour! This looks so cool; can’t wait 'til the event starts!

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pshhhhh it’s a castle, it’s ice, it’s related.

Haven’t you watched HIMYM? Hermund Druthers was an architect who created a tower for a company and everyone knew it looked like some part of the male body, but he didn’t see it. Even tho you removed the both domes on the sides of the tower, the tower stands there quite rigid and spreads its rainbow beam xD

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boi imma come over there and smack ya with a rolled up newspaper

I’d love to ;D

“Are you spending New Years with your family?”

Me: “yeah. On Knockturn.”

“What’s that?”

Me: “my family”


Real Fam: Get off your computer and spend you time with your family

Me: But Knockturn is part of my family

Real Fam: It’s not real

Me: you’re right, the game isn’t real. But the players behind the screens are, and they’re ma fam

Real Fam: fine, be back in da real wold by dinner den


Hey guys! Be sure to check the Entrance Courtyard at 8pm EST for the warp to the event!

Remember to bring a warm hat and some mittens, it’s gonna be chilly out there!


Lol I feel so honored cause the polar bear on the throne is named after my user XD PandaPop - PandaPop801 ;^; I feel loved, probs unintentional, but still loved XD.

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