Hoppers In the Hogwarts Server

Hey Everyone,

I have noticed a sudden increase in hopper activity in the Hogwarts server. Now, we allow some hoppers, but this increase was very rapid and very active. While we allow some hoppers, we do not allow large hopper systems. Therefore, we will be checking through shops & old townies. If anyone is found to have put down a large amount of hoppers & does not immediately put them down, you may find yourself temporarily tempbanned for breaking this build rule as well as the general ‘creating lag’ rule.

We ask that everyone attempt to keep your shops clear of lag, as a reminder this is the amount of things you all are permitted in a shop:

1 Knockturn Shop Sign (unless you filled 50 pages)
16 Chests
16 ItemFrames
32 Signs.


I have a few hoppers in my towny, how many are you thinking the limit for a town?

Not towny for this…

Ohhh by ‘Old townys’ you mean the really old ones.