House of Horrors

Hi I felt like making a roleplay based in a haunted house, full of secrets. So I did and the basic story is, you wake up in a strange house, in a strange room. All you have is a torch and a pocket knife. Little do you know, that you are not alone in the house, and that really other people are in the same situation as you, apart from they are in different rooms. Your main aim is to escape the house, however, the house is full of secrets and deadly surprises.

If you want to join just fill in this thing:

What you were doing before ending up in the house:
Characters greatest fear:

(If your wondering, I won’t be someone in the house, I am the house…)

Name: Christopher
Gender: Male
Age: 16
What you were doing before ending up in the house: Pulling weeds
Personality: Kind, Studious, Attentive, Cautious
Appearance: Medium height, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses
Characters greatest fear: Jump scares

Name: Casoky
Gender: Female
Age: 17
What you were doing before ending up in the house: Stalking people
Personality: Awkard, weird, mentally insane, crazy, somehow smart
, A bit of a psychopath

Appearance: Average height, brown hair with flecks of golden blonde, and freckles.
Characters greatest fear: Being nOrMaL / not the best and not getting what she wanted

Name: Kaneki Ken
Gender: Male
Age: 19
What you were doing before ending up in the house: Having a drink
Personality: Cold, weird, abstract
Appearance: White hair, lean/muscular body, 5"10’
Characters greatest fear: Death

(If you’re Casoky can I be Cassofia?)

(ofc :>> <3)

Name: Cassofia
Gender: Female
Age: 16
What you were doing before ending up in the house: Buying candy
Personality: Blunt, selfish, intelligent, rude, cares what people think of her
Appearance: Wavy black hair that reaches her shoulders, pale skin, and green eyes.
Characters greatest fear: People seeing her for what she really is, mean, cruel, and obsessed with keeping herself alive to the point that she’d hurt others

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Name: Sadie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
What you were doing before ending up in the house: Cleaning out the garage
Personality: Intelligent, a perfectionist, and cautious, but still kind and empathetic; cares about others
Appearance: She has long, wavy red-brown hair, hazel eyes, and is of average height.
Characters greatest fear: Small spaces

(You can still join the roleplay if you want, but I’m gonna start anyway…)
The room was dark, very dark. The only light came from the candles on a small desk that was in front of a large oak door. The man sitting at the desk, wore a black cloak, covering his whole body except his hands, his pale white hands. The man then spoke in a cold, feelingless voice," Hello, welcome to my house, I now control your fate." His words seemed to echo around the room, no not just the room, the whole house. (Sorry about my grammar)

He then picked up a small tablet on his desk and swiped once, to reveal a map of the whole house. The map didn’t just show the rooms, but also the people inside. Next to each room on the map, was a small selection of buttons, each button had a small symbol on it, telling the man what they would do to the room.

(You can decide what the first room you are in looks like)

Christopher looked around his room. It seemed to be a bedroom, with a closet, dresser, and a bed. Next to the bed there was a small night stand with one candle. There was one entrance/exit to the room, which was right next to the dresser.

Sadie blinked in the darkness, confused. “H-hello?” Nothing. She stood up, taking one step forward. Gathering up her courage, she asked, “Is anybody there?” No response. Suddenly, a single candle lit up, then another, until the room was discernable. Although nobody else seemed to be in the room, it was filled with purple velvet chairs, as well as an empty fireplace and a desk in the corner with a single candle on it. She walked over to the desk, seeing as it attracted her attention first, and saw a note sitting on it. She picked it up immediately and held it under the candle on the desk, reading it. Welcome to my house… I now control your fate. She recognized the note as having the same words she heard before, when she was still in darkness. A chill ran down her spine, and she dropped the note. Seeing the door, she crept up to it, one step at a time, and tugged on the handle. Locked.

Christopher walked slowly to the desk, his eyes darting back and forth, when suddenly he heard an echoing voice around the room. “Welcome to my house, I now control your fate.” Christopher jumped backwards, startled, and landed on the bed. He quickly got up and smoothed the covers.

The man looked at his tablet, and noticed people beginning to move around, he grinned for the fun was about to begin…

First he selected the room with a 16 year old named Christopher in it. He looked at the options for the room and decided he would start of easy. He selected a green button with the symbol of a monster on it. This was a tier one monster under the bed. Nothing to scary, and could be killed easily using light.

Next he selected a room with a girl know as Sadie in it. He selected a green button with the picture of a tunnel on it, this would reveal a small, dark, cramped tunnel in the back of the room. At the end of this tunnel would be the key to the door.

Christopher turned back around to look at the bed, all of the sudden, a monster leaped out at him. He screamed a high pitched scream, before thinking to look around for something to kill it with. His eyes landed on the nearby candle, and he picked it up and threw it at the monster, hitting it square between the eyes

Casoky looked around the room quickly, dark splashes of red, green, black, and yellow across the walls. She saw a long metal bench on the side of a wall, bars, multiple bars longing the windows of the small room filled with darkness. She walked to a metal table within the room and banged on it. “Where am I?” She yelled and became even angrier before as the whole room lit up. She heard a cold tone bounce off the walls in the room saying the same thing, “Hello, welcome to my house. I now control your fate.” Casoky looked strangely at everything in the room.

The man noticed that Casoky had woken up in her room and didn’t seem to be very happy. He looked at the buttons next to her room. He decided on the orange button showing a picture of a drowning man on it. For this task, she would be pressured into finding the key and getting out of the room, whilst the room was flooding with water. This was the hardest task he had given out so far, however it would be very entertaining.

The candle hits the monster, and it caught on fire, Christopher watched and the monster slowly burned up, until all that was left was pitch darkness. Chris couldn’t see a thing, so he closed his eyes making his other senses stronger

The man watched his monster burn, and clicked a small button leaving a key to the next room.

(Wait until someone else gets out there room, then I can make you team up :slight_smile: )