How decay works in towny?

How decay works in Towny?

Does it happen for everyday you don’t login or does it start after a certain amount of days of not login in?

I looked it up and found this:

Plot Regeneration & Unclaimed Plots
There are 4 options for affecting townblocks/plots.

Reverting unclaimed townblocks to their original state on unclaim
When a town plot is unclaimed (by a player or through upkeep) it will slowly begin to revert to a pre town state. Blocks will slowly change back to whatever blocks we’re present at the moment the town block was claimed. A townblock must revert completely before the snapshot of the townblock is removed. If townblock is reclaimed mid-revert, a new snapshot is not taken and if the townblock is unclaimed again it will revert to the original snapshot.

So basically if you unclaim parts of your town, or happen to be kicked (everyone in the town being kicked as well) it will slowly revert back.

(anyone can correct me if I’m wrong here. ^-^

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Does the player has to do something for the upkeep, like being online on the moment it happens or is it something that happens automatically once the player logs in?

I ask because I see people writing something called MIA on the forum and I don’t understand what it is, but I think it has something to do with Towny?

I made my Town and don’t know what I have to do to avoid it from decaying.

MIA aren’t related to Towny, not necessarily. Usually they are made to inform people that they will not be online / be less active for a period of time, especially for certain positions on Mordonia where there are ontime requirements.

To keep your town from decaying, all you need is to have 1 person in your town.

Let’s say you’re the only person in your town. If you get kicked from the town due to inactivity, you have a short period of time (Not short short, but like about a week or so, I think) to put someone in that town, or else it will decay back to how it was before it was claimed.