HP Lore Team Resignation - James Auditore

Okay, so this has been like 4 months in the making, I wanted to at least finish the code for the quests I was writing and the dialogue before resigning, it is done. In fact I finished them like a month ago. Honestly a lot has changed in the like 6 or 7 months I was lore. Nothing wrong with the team or staff in general, honestly I could probably be a lot more active than i really am, but with being a full time babysitter with almost no days off taking care of three kids i just cant code and do it to the quality i would want it to be, it would be messy, and that’s just not how i like to make things for people. So, im resigning instead of messing around with it and delaying what I know should happen. I hope everyone who is in the team does well, I really do, I hope I can be a bit more active coming up but even so its going to be a lot of stop and start playing. Thanks for the second chance Haley, hope I didn’t disappoint.


You’ll be missed ;-; :heart:

can’t wait for your quests to be on the server soon :blush:

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