Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

Hi everyone! On this post you will be able to find any information relating to the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. We hope to see ya on the Quidditch pitch!

Kendra Bell (TheSilverBell)
Shadow Blishen (Shadow_Ninja)

First String:
Keeper: Dio Rowle
Chasers: Carter Bailey, Cora Prion, and Kendra Bell
Beaters: Aidan Green and Goose Carter
Seeker: Shadow Blishen

Second String:
Keeper: Percy Scrimgeour
Chasers: Daniel Owen, Derek Pyrites, and Star Zabini
Beaters: Thijs Dixon and Harry King
Seeker: OPEN

Reserve String:
Keeper: Fance Skye
Chasers: Kat Delacour, Nymphadora Dedworth, and OPEN
Beaters: Almerian Kirkland and Nike Parker
Seeker: OPEN

We are currently looking for two seekers and a chaser, but feel free to apply for any position!

You can DM Kendra Bell (Kendra#5005) or Shadow Blishen (VanishedShadows#6469) on discord about joining the team! Please make sure to tell us your roleplay name, in-game name, discord name, the main two positions that you’d want to play, and your broom level.

We have three official practices a week. The first one is on Wednesdays at 6PM EST, the second one is on Fridays at 6PM EST, and the final one is on Sundays at 5PM EST.

Permission to sabotage Ravenclaw and join hufflepuff ( :wink: )

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