Hufflepuff Seeker "rap battle"

Today in our DM’s, the two Hufflepuff Seekers had a little rap battle. It started off small, but ended up with more than a few solid roasts. We can’t tell who won, so we’re leaving it up to you guys. c:

Casper - Check my rhymes and you know they’re great, Hufflepuff is gonna win it’s our fate
Katna - Hey my name is Katna, and honestly, you’re bad. I’m the best seeker here, I’m basically your… dad?
Casper - If you gotta a problem, Kat, I’ll put you on the mat. Don’t mess with me buddy. I’ll make your face bloody
Katna - Hey listen bud, fellow seeker Casper, you ain’t no competition, you ain’t no rapper. My rhymes are sicker, all I hear from you is bicker.
Casper - Ok Katna time to get serious, you might think that you’re the best, but then again, so did Sirius. My rhymes are fly just like my broom, be careful now or you will feel the BOOM
Katna - Listen closely, mate. Don’t think I’ve fallen for your bait. Your broom can fly, it can get air, but with you on it, it ain’t going anywhere
Casper - Ok pal you should listen, you may be a vampire, but you don’t glisten. Listen to me well, that’s what I said, if you do not heed my warning you’ll be splayed out, dead.
Katna - Yea, you won’t see anything glisten, because it’s the golden snitch you’re missin’. This isn’t a threat, it’s a bet. We all know that I will win, I haven’t seen you catch the snitch in a single match yet.
Casper - If you ran like your mouth you would be in good shape. If you continue like that, I’ll squish you like a grape!
Katna - We all know Quidditch isn’t about the run, it’s the fly. Besides for you, where it’s the only way you’ll ever get by. You can’t even fly 10ft in the sky, makes me wonder; "you’re on the team, why?"
Casper - When you fly you look like Dora, if you don’t believe me, just ask Cora! You diss me at every turn, but your rhymes dont burn. I heard you were a keeper, but I think you are a sleeper!
Katna - Yes, but see, Dora is an explorer, set to find, but all I see is you on an endless grind. Dora finds things, you do not, you haven’t touched the snitch in so long, it’s begun to rot!
Casper - I’m the guy with the passion, you sit on the bench saying “Smashin”. I don’t know who told you that you are best, I go into battle with my hufflepuff crest.
You call me a liar, but it’s my picture in the flyer. I’m the best there is no doubt, now just sit and pout
Katna - Did you say you’re in the flyer? I think you’re just being a big crier. See, look, I got proof. Katna Malamius caught the snitch with a furious act of skill, you goof.
Casper - They say snitches get stitches and so should you. Ill beat you so bad even with your crew. Your rhymes are lame just like your flying, sorry mate I just hope you ain’t crying
I’m an offender, while you are off ona bender. My rhymes are sicker than Badger pride, this is the moment that your rhymes die
Katna - Oh, so I see you took up a touch, but you don’t have any clutch. While I’m making plays that people call sicker, you’re trying so hard you only appear like a flicker.
You might say I took it too far, but that only means you’re subpar. You’re no fight, no competition, all I hear from you is constant repetition.
Casper - They say i’m an expert, while you are standing there butt hurt. You don’t rap well that’s what I’m saying. you better get down on your knees and start praying

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Casper - Will just give up I have already won. My rhymes and flying are second to none. You think you’re bad and that’s okay, but if you go any father I’ll put you in disarray
Katna - This is about to drop, for you, a comeback will be hard. Listen up you incapable piece of lard. This is about who wins, who loses, who tells your story- But I worry, you have none to tell. You may bicker and yell, but you have nothing to say. Winning is my only way- Hop on the pitch and catch the snitch, tell me when you’ve done that, you rat.(edited)
Casper - Listen pal I have the Vocabulary, so you better be wary. I will grill you on the feild, and make you look like a peel. Don’t try to act hard, because you’re not. I have already won, have you forgot?
On the pitch I’m a bruiser, and you’re a loser. With me Hufflepuffs will reign supreme, with you all they can do is dream
Katna - A dream that has came to be, see the team has won BY me. Quidditch season number two, when nobody cared about you, we were down when I caught the snitch, and brought us to the top of the pitch. I won us that cup, bud, but you’re a failed talent, you’re a dud.

So, who do you think won? Let us know by voting in the poll. The winner gets… uh… bragging rights
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  • DJ Katna
  • MC Casper

petition for them to actually sing this in the karaoke room plEASE


I just imagine Katna at the DJ station spinning discs and being like, “Wiki wiki wow ow” at the end. Das how ya do et.

I love this :3


Signed the petition. I second this.

I shall sign as well!


I lowkey rapped this in my head


Same, Luke XD

Same tho

It honestly sounds so much better in your head. I rapped it quietly out loud and it doesn’t sound as good. :c

We didn’t exactly have a beat to go to, so we just basically rhymed to the death.

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This was more cringy than a rap battle xD Non the less entertaining

@Katna Basically the beat was the /tts of “wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” x100.