Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor - match report

In the second match of the season Hufflepuff faced Gryffindor. Hufflepuff with slight changes as well as Gryffindor: both teams came up with new seekers. On Hufflepuff side we have Aiden Green. On Gryffindor side the legend Liam Blishwick returned on the pitch. Also Gryffindor presented their new chaser Pat Creevy.
In this match Gryffindor showed his old power after a weak previous season, dominating Hufflepuff and forcing them to become creative. It didn’t stop Hufflepuffs chasers to score a lot. The end result: Hufflepuff 260 - 590 Gryffindor (not counting the snitch that had been caught in the first half of the match)!

Congratulations to the team around Gryffindor Captain Gareott Armstrong!

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I am so glad we didn’t talk about keepers today.

Laim needs to stop being good at games. Stalking poor lil snitches and butchering clumsy souls at chess.