Hufflepuff Wins 3rd match of the season ! Ahead 450 points!

Hufflepuff is at it again, getting an even bigger lead. As if having the quidditch cup for 2 seasons wasn’t enough, they have to force a lead even bigger. Who is going to stop them now. Their captain Cora lead them to victory, the chasers doing the brunt of the work. Everyone on Ravenclaw of course dreading the moment they see Ryan Lockhart take the quaffle, for hufflepuff almost always scores directly after.

Standings: 370 huffle 140 raven

Hufflepuff : +450
Slytherin: +20
Gryffindor: -220
Ravenclaw: -250

A sad day indeed for the little ravenclaws. The questions now is, will slytherin beat gryffindor, and even if they do, will hufflepuff crush them to a pulp like they have for all of the other houses ?

Here are images from the game:

“Bob Titan trying to score” Pretty much sums it up, RIP. LOL

Good game Hufflepuff!

That was a great game; it was intense and exciting. Ravenclaw fought hard, and did really well. I hope Slytherin and Gryffindor can have a similar game, although I’ll be backing Gryffindor. c:

You go Cora!!! :smiley: Nice job Huffles I knew you could do it <3