I had wanted to resign

Hey y’all.

I did want to resign a few months ago - I had written a resignation letter. I was crying the night I wrote it. (and I am talking about a resignation post, it’s not a metaphor.)

Knockturn has, in more ways then one, changed my life - my identity. Sometimes not for the best, but surely not the worst. Over the past few months I’ve struggled with certain obstacles - but when I was feeling lonely my dad would LEGIT say: “Go on with your server friends! They make you happy.”

It’s kinda sad that my best friend in real life knows all your names - she still can’t figure out what a ‘Pande’ is but I told her it’s something you cannot explain.

I don’t know where I’d be without you guys. I was raised to not “stick” with something, I was taught that everything changes without your permission. Yet somehow, despite Knockturn changes like the location of the Tardis (I don’t do Dr. Who, but sounded like a good reference), I’ve stayed - for three years - I have never stook with something for so long.

And despite what the world may think, I ain’t quitting any time soon.

April Fools my loves.
<3 <3


so is your love for us is also an april fool joke? ;A;

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You are never leaving us, I won’t let youuu <3