I have returned after a year

Hello there ladies and gentlemen… and wizards… and everybody here. :wave:

You may not know me, in which case “Hello, nice to meet you”, but if you do remember my annoying face then “Hello again! I’m back from the dead!” (by “dead” I mean a full year of not being in here). It’s amazing that there are still people playing that I know and even more people that I have no idea about. Some of my pals moved on in the meantime and I will probably never see them again, which can be bumming, but I came back after quite a while so it’s possible for the rest of the geezers to drop in at some point. Which I’ll be glad to see.

I’m not on 24/7 and some of my old friends live on the other side of the planet, so I just wanted to leave this “Hello” here to let them know. If they see it. If they even care of course… They might not… They probably don’t. Anyway!

Lots of things have changed since I left and I feel very much lost, but I still get this little warm feeling that I got that year or two ago when playing as a 7th year who still refuses to gradute (I think I have to since classes are now year locked :sneezing_face: ). The server was sort of a place to go to when bored, sad or happy, to talk to some really amazing people and spam all those gimmicky yet fun spells. I think I need a break from the real life and get back to this little, magical world of ours. I promise to stay here for a while and try to catch up with people in the meantime. :upside_down_face:

P.S. If you’re going to ask about Mel, she forgot her password and is trying to get back here as well to see what changed. Wish her luck. She’s going to need it. :grimacing:


Glad you’re back, I hadn’t seen you in a while XD