I’m sorry

Hello Knockturn. I don’t know who does and doesn’t remember me but a few years ago I made the terrible mistake of harassing someone on the server. And because of that one mistake it costed me so many people from the server that I was close with along with me being banned. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for all the people that I let down because I know so many people use to look up to me. I miss this community it meant everything to me. I hurt so many people because of one mistake and I can’t even forgive myself for it. Again… I’m sorry.

I wanna clarify that you did not harass ‘someone’. You forced us to stop using IRC because you continously joined it. You harassed numerous staff members on behalf of someone we had banned because of toxic behavior on their part. You ban evaded irc to get us to have to close the irc room for people unregistered causing users no longer able to use it. Then you harassed people off the server further by requesting friends with them on instagram, facebook, and other services. The constant report of ‘Sean Stone friend requested me’ was a normal conversation in staff for at least a year.

This was not a casual ‘oh one person was harassed’ it was a full on epidemic of harassment that you seem to have forgotten and refuse to admit. There is a reason you got banned and it had nothing to do with you being a casual aggressor, but being someone who harassed people so much that they felt uncomfortable because of you targeting them, resulting in me having to counsel a lot of staff on how to deal with the off-server harassment.

So please don’t try to be deceptive in your ‘apology’ to the server. I don’t need fake rumors spreading about how we are unfairly banning you. Its more than justified.


Yeah, clearly I don’t remember anything. Again it’s been years. I remember the one maybe two people I really made feel uncomfortable. I never once claimed I was falsely banned as I’ve literally said I clearly made the mistake of harassing someone. I don’t remember there being several.
Just by the way, I know I ban evaded as I’ve owned up to that as well. I had no clue I caused you guys to stop using IRC though. I’m not scared to own up to my mistakes. I just don’t really remember much aside from what ended everything.
I just feel like it’s been all these years and I feel like I’ve matured big time. I was only in high school at the time and now I’m adult. I know what’s right and what isn’t right now. That’s literally why I look back now and I’m able to be like “I’ve really messed up.” At the time I didn’t understand what I did but now I really do.

Bro… you’re just making things worse. Chill out.