I need ideas

Hey guys, I am going to be in my last school year next year so last year on the XC team. I want a really lot slogan on the back of the t-shirts and I need ideas. Suggest anything as long as it is PG. Also try for something a teacher would accept xD

Whats XC?

Cross country. Long distance running

Forgot to add-I will make a follow up poll and winner gets 100 galleons just for fun :smiley:

Train rough
Run tough

(Question: can we put multiple entries?)

Does your school have a particular mascot?

Sure enter as many ideas you got as long as they are good. Kaneki we are the Knights

The Larger the Risk the Greater the Reward

I will give a example. This year it was “Our shoes have more miles then your car”

Hmmm here are a few:

You stole the competition: Run for it!
How was my running? Call 1-783-EAT-DUST
My reward is your punishment.
Breathing hard already? Your exercise is my warmup.

Run Fast, Train Hard

Our feet are hardly sore

hopefully those are some nice ones

for the back of the shirt:

Eat my dust

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Front-“You think your faster than me? Keep dreaming.”
Back-“Eat. My. Dust.”

(I think this would be cool on a T-shirt)
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I don’t need logo, we got that. Just a slogan

Mine were the best XD

We don’t need shining armor to be tough.

im rlly bad with ideas but here xD

since its on the back maybe “this is the last thing you’ll see” or “if you’re reading this, you lost”

they’re su bad and cringy but meh xD i tried

And I would walk 500 miles…
Not because I’ll go to college cheeriooo

Everything hurts, save me. Might be a fun one

Make Dust or Eat Dust.

This was on the back of one of my school’s previous Color Guard shirts :slight_smile: