I think my brain is malfunctioning and not producing enough creativity. I call for ze Halps

So, I’m writing this story… not sure what it’s going to be about yet tbh. But I get bored and write weird stuff all the time. I realize my character names are getting sorta repetitive as I keep writing and decided… y’know what? lemme ask if anyone wants to make up some characters of there own and I’ll put them together and write a story about them!

Now I think I’ma write an original story, so no sneaky sneks trying to get a character from a game, book or movie pls.

(example ofc)
Full Name: Kristen Pun-isher Flirt
Age: (like ya dun know what an age is)
Characteristics: Gaming nerd, 99.99999% morning trash, caring, evil, cringe
Description: (I dun need to describe myself ;D)
Hobbies: (if any)
Jobs: (if any xD)

I’ll see if I can post the story on the forums when I finish, if not I’ll post on Wattpad (once I deal with the weird login xD)

Do you know if the story is set in modern times or in ancient times?

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Full Name: Xeliana Rein Uka
Age: 14
Characteristics: Silly, doesn’t like dad, Good in school, caring, laughs at basically all jokes and is a little mean to some people
Description: She goes to a middle school called Westanvergan Middle School. She has one best friend for life named Alexia, her nickname is Alexa. Most people call her Xeli (Zeli). Xeli’s parents got divorced and her mom moved to a different state. She loved her mom so much and always thinks it was her dads fault for the divorce, thus her not liking him. She has long, thin, silky, light brown hair and very deep blue eyes. Her lips are a dull pink. Just to get away from her dad she sleeps over at Alexa’s house most the time. Also has one younger brother the age of 6 she thicks she needs to take care of or else her dad will ruin him. His name is Grant and he loves Xeli so much. To make sure he is never alone with her dad she takes him with her to sleepovers (I know weird right) and always walks him to kindergarten because their schools are right next to eachothers.
Hobbies: Loves to write, take care of her little brother, playing video games with Alexia and mess with different hair styles for her hair. (She normally keeps it down and it goes to the middle of her chest.
Jobs: Nah, unless you count taking care of her baby brother as a job.

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I’m really not sure, I haven’t thought up a story line… but I’m leaning towards a futuristic story ^-^


o.o I just found one of my very, very old original stories o.o PLOT FOUND I think.

This story is in modern time! It’s in Canada (so if you wanna add lil bagged milk jokes, like ‘dry really like bagged milk and dun drink anything else’ be my guest xD)

This story is paranormal-isn trash, it’s about certain people who can morph into an animal that matches their personality. Only morphings can see other morphings. Their inner animal also affects how they act when they’re in human form… example: Ryan(wolf morph) has a short temper and protective of those he cares about.

The current characters (which I may change) are…
Christine - Main char, moved from florida to BC
June - Christine’s best friend, knew her as an online friend for awhile, very bubbly personality
Flora Green - Secretary of Crystal High (pshshshs totally didn’t get lazy and named the high school after my forums name)
Thomas - (panther morph) pretty cold towards everyone, only talks to small group of morphs
Michelle - (annoying school bully, because der ain’t a normal story without one)
Blaire - (Otter Morph) swim team captain
Charlie - (Crow Morph) likes shiny stuff, because bird
Seth - (Coyote Morph) is a bit of a coward, but a fast thinker, good at math
Jake - (Brown Bear Morph) lazy, really likes honey, others constantly make Winnie the poo jokes about him

Chris moves to BC from Florida by her parents divorce, doesn’t know she’s a morph till it’s explained to to her by kids in high school. She’s never been to high school, because she was homeschooled since grade 6. kinda dunno what else I’m supposed to write I ain’t got a plotline or anything yet, but I’ll make and evil character soon, if y’all don’t give me some suggestions xD

@GinnyGinger sounds like a great char, wanna have them as a normal human or a morphling?

Morphling, seems like she would morph into, actually I dun know

tip: do an animal quiz and answer to how your character would answer, helped me xD

Mk got it

Crow of Buffalo

we already got a crow, so buffalo it shall be ^-^

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Full Name: Azura Banks
Age: 15
Characteristics: Really shy, people think she’s a troublemaker, people are scared of her, people try to avoid her, she really wants friends and for people to stop assuming things about her, doesn’t really understand popular trends and often doesn’t know about any of them. She’s really anti-social.
Description: Azura has long redish brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. A long time ago she had a lot of friends but then her friends started to bully her. Ever since then, rumors have gone around about her, causing people to be wary of her and not want to be her friend. She really wants to prove these people wrong.
Hobbies: She likes to dance but has never gotten lessons since her family never wanted her to. They thought she would never be good at dancing.
Jobs: None

She would probably be an arctic fox morph or a raccoon since those are normally seen as troublemakers and while sometimes they are, they do it for survival and people never think to see beyond that.

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Full Name: Azorias t’Abere n Baya
Age: 15
Characteristics: Was always calm - now has a short fuse, quick on feet and quick in mind, lonely, very protective
Morph: Wolf
Description: From a very young age, Azorias loved nature. When he was 7 he ran away from home and spent a night under the stars, by a river in the forest, listening to its gurgle and listening to the hoots of the owls. His parents - of course - were mad at him for a long while. Azorias was grounded for a long time but each day of being grounded he would simply stare out of the window, looking towards the nearby forest. His father, noticing this, decided it was time to share his family’s main occupation - one that had carried on throughout generations until he was forced to stay in one place by his wife - Hunting.

At first, Azorias was simply content of listening to hunting stories and going out on walks with his father. When he reached his tenth birthday, he decided he wanted to learn hands on. His father - much to the displeasure of his wife - bought Azorias a bow, and also taught him how to make snares and traps. He learned like this for three years in the forest. He became one with the forest. He knew which paths would bring better game, how to spot for birds lurking on branches, rabbits in the underbrush. For a time in his life, he found peace.

Then, his father died.

It happened so quick, out of the blue. His father was driving Azorias to school one-day (though Azorias had always protested against school) when another vehicle crashed right into his car, crushing him, then drove off. Azorias started to lose his touch with nature, his thoughts always invaded by the screeching sounds of brakes and the almighty smash at the collision.

Young Azorias was 15 now, and he decided he needed to give up hunting. His mother was lonely and depressed, and he had to put her in front of anything. To try to please her, he decided to change from a small high school in the local rural area and enrolled at Crystal High, a bigger mainstream high school. It meant he didn’t see her much but as his mother’s health constantly increased, so did Azorias’ confidence. He started socialising at school, somehow incredibly making friends when - if his life went as planned - he would have been alone, just him and the woods.

Azorias’ friends revealed to him what he was - a Wolf Morph. Yet somehow, Azorias knew. Somewhere in the back of his mind that part of the puzzle had already been fitted in - his friends telling him just taking the cover off the box. He quickly became overprotective of his friends, getting into some fights over it, and also discovered a primal part inside of him - one that was quick to anger.

One time when Azorias snapped, snarling and growling like a wolf after one of his Morphling friends told him about an incident inflicted by Michelle on them, he could feel the wolf inside him - the one that almost came out. Usually, careful Azorias now wrestles with that inner wolf inside him, attempting to subdue it or be one with it. As long as he gets to control it.

Even now a good year after being in high school, sometimes you can find staring out of the window, towards the direction of his childhood woods. He still hunts in there, when school is finished and he goes back to his mother. But a lot less frequently.

Azorias has straight brown hair and bright emerald green eyes, like the green of a leaf when the sun shines upon it. He is quite tall for his age - well above average - but not so tall as to be a giant.
Hobbies: Walking in nature, running, music (he thinks it may help him with his balance) and puzzles.
Jobs: Was an ex-Hunter. Hunts every once in a while after school.

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k, Azorias will replace Seth, What will also any this Character is Ryan (that example I mentioned, will be another wolf morph from Michelle’s group, which will cause future problems for pack rivalry stoof. other than that, should be a great character!

Azura will be an arctic fox, I think it will fit better with her personality. I think she’ll make a good character to have in the tight group of morphlings, she may replace Blaire, or I might keep both characters.

FULL NAME| Toby Eren Willows
AGE| 15

CHARACTERISTICS| Introverted, enjoys her own company, quiet, dislikes trends and being teased, friendly, fun when you get to know her, opinionated, suffers from anxiety, diplomatic (although she does fight when necessary).

MORPH| Arabian sand cat (Do I pick her morph, or no? If not, feel free to change it, I just thought she’d fit this animal pretty decently).

DESCRIPTION| Toby had never been a stereotypical girl - she’d always hated having long hair, wearing skirts and dresses, doing makeup, getting a boyfriend; everything like that. She’d always been one to her own, preferring to climb trees, draw, listen to music, read, and just act like the son her parents never had. Her parents were okay with this, although they didn’t approve of her isolating herself socially.

It was due to this that she was first diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder when she was thirteen, and while her parents were appalled at the diagnosis, it hadn’t been much of a surprise to Toby herself - she’d researched her behaviour, and eventually she felt that she fitted the criteria to a tee.

Her parents, thinking it had been down to the bullying she suffered at her previous school in Arizona, switched her to Crystal High, when in reality, this only made things much harder for Toby - she never adjusted to new people well, so moving to a whole new country was a huge concern for her, and she suffered more than a few panic attacks during the first few weeks.

When she had attended the school for a while, Toby discovered she was a morphling. At first, this caused her a great deal of panic, but after a few more weeks and a few interactions with people, she found out that there were several other morphlings that attended the high-school, which put her mind to rest somewhat.

She still suffers from frequent panic attacks, but that’s mainly because she can’t handle failure, and what with her parents on the brink of divorcing as well as their ‘get an A grade or you won’t be allowed to listen to music for a week’ behaviour.

APPEARANCE| Toby has very short brown hair in a pixie cut, pale skin, and hazel eyes. She has a very scrawny build, and is about average height for her age (I can send you an Imgur album link if you’d like?).

HOBBIES| Reading, drawing, singing, playing the guitar, writing, skateboarding, tree climbing, learning Japanese, watching anime, listening to rock music, avoiding people.

JOBS| She helps stock new books in the school library on a Thursday at lunchtime, and she sometimes helps the school caretaker with tasks like repainting the school walls after school or at weekends, but she does these out of choice.

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Anyone can post characters as I go! I’ll be posting the chapters (when I get internet ofc) on Wattpad, my name is ‘KristenTheFeared’

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I’m gonna make a brand new main char because meh… dat old character was getting boring (I’m like a cat in a way, playing with my toys until they become boring then going off to find new ones xD)

(I did quite the research for this name lol, I try to make it match the personalities when I can. Lilith, means ‘ghost’, ‘night monster’ or ‘storm goddess’ and Elch is just moose in german… so technically the name means ‘Evil Night Moose’ @Avery)

Full Name: Lilith Elch
Age: 15
Characteristics: takes crumbles from no one, shows respect to those who outrank her, clumsy every once in awhile, sarcastic, soft cover, tough heart. Doesn’t express her emotions very well.
Description: chocolate brown hair, with faint golden and dark red streaks that fade into it nicely. Piercing steal blue eyes. Always a piece of a scowl painted across her features. very pale skin, due to not much outside activity.

Lilith, or Lil for short, doesn’t like dealing with those who don’t follow common sense and has a knack for putting people in their place when they step out of line. She doesn’t socialize like a normal person, she stays quiet until something interesting comes up as topic, only to say her opinion and just continue listening to the conversation.

Lilith moved to Florida after her mother’s death, and her father had dragged her up to BC Canada for a new job, as not many well paying jobs arose for an alcoholic.

She’s been a home schooler since 6th grade and never been to high school. Her father enrols her in Crystal high and she goes to her first year of high school in 10th grade. She doesn’t know she’s a morphling just yet tho.

Hobbies: whittling, rock climbing, drawing, she likes tree climbing and cooking
Jobs: she works part time in a cafe on Wednesdays and Thursdays and works part time delivery service on the weekends. All to make extra cash for home, as her dad’s recycling job doesn’t pay much.

FORGOT TO MENTION: as much as I’d love to make her char a moose morph, it doesn’t suit her personality so I’ma give her bobcat -ty discord peeps for le halp on dat one-

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