I’ve drawn something... I think?

Hoi! So I’ve recently become obsessed with the Selection series so I decided to draw Celeste Newsome! I know the shading is weird, I had been trying to do something new but it looks odd, especially the arms. I can’t draw arms.
I probably should’ve given her a necklace or something.


It’s so pretty :smiley:

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That’s brilliant, I love it!

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That’s really good! I think it’s great :ooo

And I thought I was good at drawing eyes… those are STUNNING.

Thanks! I’ve been drawing a lot recently and I’ve been trying to improve my art. I had been focusing on improving the way I draw eyes for months so it’s nice to know I’ve improved from the terrible eyes I drew six months ago.

Sofa. How. Did. You. Just… OMG TEACH ME THEM EYES. Nice work gurl, can’t wait to see more of your art!