I was muted

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Describe the issue
I advertised another server in chat. I wasn’t thinking and forgot that advertising wasn’t allowed.

Request for Solution
What you think is the correct Solution
Unmute and I won’t do this again

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If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.

Sorry! What I meant to say is that I feel I should be unmuted and that I won’t do this again.

This is not the proper way to contest a mute. Instead, make a post in the ban appeals section. Both ban appeals and mute appeals are handled there.

Just want to also iterate, joining the server implies you should know the rules of the community and ignorance of rules is not an excuse, especially for a rule that is common amongst not just minecraft servers but any online game.

You don’t get more lax response just because you ‘were too lazy to read the rules the staff posted’

Tbh your excuse that it should makes me think you will break another rule down the line and claim you didn’t know…