Ice. In. Cereal

According to @LillyArima it’s cult cereal. but anyway- you need to try ice in cereal. it’s so good. try it and then let me know what you think. I think it’s just something everyone should know because it is DELICIOUS. anyway ok that’s it.

omg if you like ice in cereal, you should try eating ice cream sandwiches with a fork. you do not understand how amazing it is unless you try it.

also… what even is the honey dukes category? I’ve always assumed it was for random things.

I also added a step-by-step ice in cereal tutorial here for people who were curious:

How to put ice in cereal.


  • 2-4 ice cubes
  • Bowl/Mug/Container of some sort
  • Cereal of some sort
  • A spoon or a fork or some sort of utensil to eat your cereal with… or just your mouth? I don’t know
  • Milk. Almond milk works- or oat milk, or lactose free milk, or coconut milk, or soy milk. just something.

Option 1: Milk before Cereal (the better option)

  1. Put your bowl/container in front of you
  2. Pour milk into container
  3. Put 2-4 ice cubes into the milk depending on your preference
  4. Put cereal in
  5. Grab your utensil and eat your cereal

Option 2: Cereal before milk

  1. Put your bowl/container in front of you
  2. Put cereal in
  3. Pour milk into cereal
  4. Put 2-4 ice cubes in depending on your preference
  5. Grab your utensil and eat your cereal

Also ty anyone who has tried it. Ily Lilly Bass and Saaniya.


I’ll have to give it a try I suppose. Never heard of putting ice in cereal; also wondering if it would melt and water it down? Ew, if so.

From what I can gather it is an early 2020 trend.

Anyways, I had the same thought, but it doesn’t water the milk down at all. I even let the ice cubes melt completely because I was multitasking and it tasted the exact same, except it was so cold and amazing.

If you fill half the bowl with ice, yeah, it might water down a bit. If you only use a few, it should be fine, and it tastes so much better, especially on a hot day.

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Wait it was a trend? Ew. But- my friend just randomly told me to put ice in cereal and that’s the entire story.

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no, thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

no. try it.

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It tastes wonderful, not watered down but just tastes cols which makes it taste better which is why it tastes good. 10/10

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I feel like the fact that you described “milk before cereal” as the better option completely disqualifies you from having any valid opinions on cereal consumption


Hannah and Michael have the right idea, thank you fellow sane people

Ok but if you put the cereal in first it gets soggy.

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It gets soggy regardless though, and soggy cereal is lowkey good

You’re telling me y’all haven’t done this before…? :flushed::flushed:

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Lol I tried to reply to the post but forgot how ANYWAY

You should try dry Weet-Bix it’s p good