I'm Back! o/

I’m not sure if any of you will recognize me, after all, I was a helper from three years ago - but nevertheless, I am back! I have changed immensely from my last visit, so I am making this new introduction of myself.

I first joined the server in 2017. Immediately, I was enchanted by it. I had seen all the Harry Potter movies, and I played Minecraft. So, naturally, I went searching for Harry Potter Minecraft servers. Knockturn was and still is the best of the best. I became quite involved in the server, and I eventually became a helper :3 However, I moved across the country: from Arizona to Florida. I think out of everyone in my family, I took the move the worst. It was quite a big change for me, seeing as I was generally an introvert. It took me all those three years to finally adjust to the move. On top of the move, I was going through a tough time already, and I was internally conflicted with who I was within this world. I still don’t know exactly who I am, but I stick to the basic things such as: I’m a daughter, a sister, a dog lover, a student, etc. I’m just now realizing how personal this is, but oh well ^-^

And now for a list of my interests, in case any of you can relate to what I enjoy:

Track and Field
Cross Country

Sketching (I’m not very good though xD)

Favorite Things-
color: Sky Blue
animal: Wolves
food: Thai Food
book: To Kill a Mockingbird
movie: Stargirl
place: Gardens of Versailles
song: Black Licorice by Peach Pit (this changes every 2 hours, and I often listen to these on repeat for weeks)
music genre: Indie

Music Genres-
Hard Rock
Classic Rock

Random Facts-
I volunteer at a wolf sanctuary near me :3
I travel quite a bit
I’m looking to become an intern at the International Wolf Center

Thank you for reading, this was quite a bit to go over xD
Questions? Ask away


not sure if this is the right clara- but perhaps are you my daughter that fell off a cliff?

oh- that definitely sounds like me :joy:
Have you always been Harry King, or did u have a different last name?

Welcome back! Glad to see you again ^-^

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Are you Clara Tripp?

Welcome back

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Yes, I’ve always been Harry King (though I changed my last name to Cross about a week ago)

No sorry, I am not.

Thank you! :grin: You too

Thank ya!

Cool! Well, good to see ya :3