I'm grateful for... PEOPLE!

I have some special people on here. People who have really made my overall Knockturn experience better.

:innocent: @guneapigler - Ryder - Thank you for being such a good Moderator. You’re literally the best. You’ve helped me so much. You deserve a lot of recognition for all the hard work you have done. You’re literally one of my best friends, I could tell you anything. We’ve had so many memories, making a club, your great classes, speaking German wink wonk. Thank you for being such a trustworthy person, and I know you’ll always be there for me. Angel thing because you’re an angel child. I hope you become the Head of Charms!

:egg: @Herm - Herm - Thank you for showing me this server. I wouldn’t have ever found Mordonia if it wasn’t for you, as well as Hogwarts. Both of them hold a special place in my heart, and so do you. You’re also one of my best friends. We’ve had so many memories together, like RPing in Tuitio with Avery! I LOVE YOU AND ALSO #HERMOJO. Egg because you love eggs.

:crown: @MadHatterMojo - Mojo - Even though you suck sometimes, I love you. You were my first wife on Mordonia, and we’ve had fun! Adopting pigs, animals, being Ladies, Queens YAS QUEEN cringe You’re a great builder, and work so hard. You’re also one of my best friends, and I love our lowkey love-hate relationship. Thanks for also being my Hogwarts wife. Crown because we were Queens! You still suck >:C

:cowboy_hat_face: @Tye - Tye - HI “KNOCKTURN HUSBAND” wink wonk you’re amazing. Even though I bully you, we have a great friendship and I’d trade it for nothing. I really do think you’re a great person, we’ve had memories such as the Childhood Alliance. We had that Trading RP in Tuitio, for Alcandor and Tuitio!! We’ve also just messed about together, and that’s why I love yousomuch. Cowboy because yeehaw.

:sweat_drops: @Michelle - Michelle - THANKS FOR BEING LIKE THE FIRST OTHER PERSON I MADE FRIENDS WITH. You’re such a good and hardworking staffie. I loveyousomuch, literally you’re so great. We’ve had so many memories as well, like the ship and we escaped and fleed from Azazel. That was great!! OVERALL, you’re a great friend, who I know I can trust. PS THE WATER DROPS IS BC OF LORELAI

:japanese_ogre: @Penny YOU’RE AMAZING. I don’t know you all too well, but you’re actually great. We’ve had good memories so far already, I won’t forget them. A troll emoji because… well, you know! :wink:

I’m grateful for many people on here, I cannot physically name them all.

But those people? They’re extremely special to me, and I couldn’t change them regardless of what the situation is.

Thank you to all staff that work hard, and everyone that has created such a loving and embracing community! :heart:


Aw don’t worry about me, you suck more! <33

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You’re better- and your german is 10/10 wink wonk I love you so much, stay amazing husban<33 :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::heart:

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I’ve had so much fun with you and aa, you’re one of my closest friends and ily so much <33

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yEET the flying baby on the ship, loved it! Lysm, great amazing person, come back to us asap mkk. Good luck at school :sparkles:

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