I'm Leaving

I’m leaving Knockturn (ingame). It’s been a fun year and a half but I’ve developed new interests, new hobbies, and school is right around the corner. It’s going to be a new experience and I’d rather worry about just that then things on Knockturn as well. You might see me on Mord as I don’t want to leave @Sofia alone <3 But I won’t be on the Hogwarts side as like I said before, I’ve gotten new interests I’d like to pursue. I would still be on Discord and Forums, but I still won’t come online if it’s not important. (aka you might see me just log on to annoy cassie and then log off as it’s extremely important to annoy her) It’s been a great time playing, and thank you to all that made it such an amazing experience. o/

-Alex Rogers


Aw! Bye alex :C

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I’ll miss you! Please don’t leave me alone.

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I’ll miss you Alex : ( i remember when you first joined, and we had good times even though we haven’t talked lately, and I’ll miss you <33 T-T

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i’mma miss you