Immah *hic* doooouh taht maez *hic*


So who doesn’t love to be drunk? and who doesn’t love mazes and parkours? If you do love both things, then this might be your event! Sooo Jordan and I will be hosting little events where one of us will throw a bunch of you to a maze or a parkour and we will make you be drunk as much as posible! Ofcourse anyone who has the ability to even finish this should be rewarded, but the people who finish it will get something special! I wonder what it’ll be…

Times and Dates:

  • Friday the 9th November at 2pm EST
  • Saturday the 10th November at 12pm and at 5pm EST (this is main one)
  • Sunday at 6pm EST and at 11pm EST

Hope to see you there! :smile: Any suggestions or questions? Just post them below :wink:


Now this is our families competition :>

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are we sure that @adamauger didnt have something to do with this…


Mods, prepare ourselves. deep inhale. United we stand, divided we fall. copypastes warning no drunk talk in global


I lurve that topic name *hic *

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I shudder at the amount of bile I can already envision in these areas.



don’t worry mods I’ll be good during this event, but idk about everyone else

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I hate these timezones man. Can’t we have these events have 1 day of european time?

Lmao most ironic part is Dani himself is European time zone xDD


Smile, friday one and first one on saturday and Id say second in saturday aswell r european

Bte edit, last one on saturday is main one with sn even more special prizeee

OH Idk 12pm was noon XD soz

oh boy, this should be fun \o/

Des being drunk irl count as well? Bc if so, I might have an unfair adavantage of epical Germaness :wink:


Daniel what’d I tell you - no speaking drunk in forums !!! (Jk this sounds increliable tho too bad school doesn’t end till 2:45 for me)

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Oooh nuu Bambi caught me again hides under desk
Btw you have saturday one and Sunday ones, all are the same except last saturday one :>

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