The setting is a world of technology and magic and life runs fairly easily as it is. People all going about their daily business, and going around town doing their jobs. They day ends, they all got to sleep.

However the next morning, some people awaken, and some people don’t. The others are infected with a strange disease that makes them bloodthirsty undead! You try to survive as long as you can, without getting bitten and joining the ranks of the undead!

These undead are quite troublesome and can only be killed by cutting their heads off or shooting them in the head! You are allowed one class and two weapons pertaining to that class. You will also get loot from killing undead waves or defeating an undead boss. Loot can also be found from buildings and other areas. You all will spawn in a relatively small city, together, and will fight your way to make it to the NEXT city.

Each city holds its rewards, that get better and better the farther you progress… So… Here’s how it goes. You are also allowed ONE power pertaining to your class.

The classes are Gunslinger, Bladedancer, Defender, Darkcaster.

Gunslingers all are reliant on their guns and must use them to great effect as a damage dealer. Their powers must somewhat relate to their guns. Abilities EX: True Sight, Eagle Eye, Perfect Shot, Blink

Bladedancers all rely on melee weapons more, but can also use guns. (It’s recommended that you get one gun and one melee weapon.) Abilities EX: Blade Whirl, Second Chance, Death Dance.

Defenders are the damage sponges and provide shields. The recommended weapons are a shield and a pistol. The shield can be used as a weapon for bashing enemies! Abilities EX: Shatter Dome, Shockwave

Darkcasters are people who rarely lift a gun, as a result, you can only carry a pistol or handcannon. However they can have two abilities. Abilities EX: Summon Minion, Arcane Shot, Life Leech, Void Whirl

So! I’ll be throwing undead waves at you, and your goal is to survive with your friends and find loot!

Loot can be ranked from worst to best on a color rating along with info such as this. White, green, blue, purple, yellow/orange.

Last Word (handcannon)
Rarity: Yellow
Power: 350


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Name: Nancy Thomas
Class: Defender
Weapons: Shield and pistol
Abilities: Shockwave
Description: 6’2, Brown eyed, Ginger haired, and tan skinned. Nancy Thomas was a very famous fighter all over the world. However, she did not ever truly agree with what she did. She wanted to fight, but she’d rather fight to keep what she held dear safe. Her dream sadly came true when she had to defend her daughter, Susan, from the undead. Now, she travels with her daughter trying to help others in need and trying to survive.
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Name: rena snap (XD)
Class: gunslinger
Weapons: a hand cannon and a assult rifle.
Abilities: Eagle Eye
Description: tall, she has long blue hair, green eyes.
Power: will pm about

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Name: Ginger Snap -pun intended-
Class: Bladedancer
Weapons: Handgun, Katana
Abilities: Death Dance
Description: long blood-red hair, calculating grey eyes, pale skin. Wearing: leather work gloves; black hoodie tied around waist; jeans; white tank spattered with undead gore.


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