Introducing Raina White (AKA Thalli, AKA Bella)

Hey guys! I already have one of these but here’s a new one that’s current and accurate!
Originally I joined this server on November 1, 2015, and my name was Bella White. There were four Bellas, so I got my name changed to Thalli Take. Now I have my original last name again, and I go by Raina!
I am currently a fourth year Hufflepuff, although I haven’t been going to classes lately as I have been inactive for the most part and otherwise have not been on to take a class. I’m hoping to rejoin and become more active, and maybe see some old members around! See everyone in game! :smile:


Another member of the 2+ year squad! Glad to have you back on board

We’re always glad to have an older user be active again! Welcome back Thalli!

@PassionFire @Katherine Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Glad to be back!

10/10 profile picture love it.

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Thanks :laughing: |-/