Issues with spellcasting

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When I go to cast a spell, I can’t carry out the spell movements. For example, it will say ‘swish left’ and I will do what I think is the equivalent - moving my cursor left slightly in a quick movement, but I will then left-click again, and it will tell me to do this multiple times more, until I eventually stop trying to cast (because it seems to continually list movements) or it calls me out for ‘whooshing’. This also occurs with jabbing and flicking.

Apologies for being an inexperienced idiot.

Request for Solution
I believe I might just be carrying out the movements wrong because I have very limited experience with spell-casting, and no experience with doing so correctly, but even after looking at the video on the Wiki page and trying to copy it, I still can’t fix it, so I’m thinking it’s an issue with my game settings.

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what time are you online? If there are helpers online, they are an excellent resource to help. Otherwise, I can see if I can get on when you are.

Another thing to try. From the entrance hall, do /guide studyhall. there’s a grid there. You may need to do /flex 22, to get the grid to line up nicely, but if you use that with the video, it may help.

I’m not at school tomorrow, so I’ll probably be on at around 1pm GMT, but I could be on earlier or later, depends on when I eat lunch really.

Thanks for the /guide to the study hall, I will definitely go there and see if I can make it work. Again, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey! I had this problem at first as well upon joining the server and was pretty confused as well!

When it tells you things such as “Swish right” or “Swish left” it isn’t telling or instructing you to do that movement. But is telling you that you have just done that movement. So correlating to the Standard Books of Spells (buy in diagon alley) you do the movements from those books. Not from what it tells you in chat, as what it tells you in the chat is what you’ve already done.

Example: If a spell’s movement is Right -> Left, you would left click to first raise your wand. Then do the moves; move screen to right, right click, move screen to left, right click. Say the incantation in chat after making sure the chat has repeated to you “Swish right, Swish left” then left click to cast. Keep in mind t may not always be successful.

Hopefully this helped and doesn’t confuse you even more!

Thanks a lot, after several readings I see where you’re coming from, and where I’ve been going wrong. I will be sure to try and cast as soon as I’m next online, thanks again!