Items In Inventory Missing After Server Restart

When the server crashed and I logged back on, most of the items I had just put into my inventory were missing

What Happened:

  1. I moved items from my chest into my inventory.
  2. The server started lagging out, and it restarted.
  3. When it was back up, I logged in, and all the stuff I had put in from the chest were missing, like galleons, food, and other expensive stuff.
    etc. Other people around me had stuff missing from their inventory too.

Hogwarts was effected in my case, but probably other worlds in the server too.

Could you make a list of all of the specific items that are missing?

8 galleons
3 around stacks of wood (1 stack jungle, 1 and 3/4 oak)
6 canary cremes
1 Moon Shine
1 Butterbeer
1 Pair of Shears
1 Fine Beer
14 Cocca Beans
6 pink wool
2 pumpkin pie
I was just about to stock up my shop and was moving a lot of things.