Joely2017 - Joely Obrien - Advertising


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Minecraft Username: Joely2017

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Joely Obrien

Discord (if applicable) Sir Joely the Good Sir#4342

Reason for Ban: Advertising

Why should we let you back in?

I’ve been banned for a very long time now, and almost as long without trying to appeal, and this is why; I figured that there was no point whatsoever in making more appeals if nothing had truly changed in me. And so I sat there thinking; ‘What can I honestly say I changed in, to prove it’s different now?’ and the conclusion I got too was ‘Well, aheh, nothing.’

And I wished I could say that my group of friends had changed entirely, my interests, my occupations, but, er, they haven’t. So I stopped trying to appeal, feeling there was no point. And then I find myself today, two months or so later, realising that all what I wished I could say had come true, no - I’m honest, I found a group of friends who are all Potterheads like me (finally!), and I am doing very different things to what I used to (writing, for instance).

And so (wow, this is becoming longer than I expected) I decided to try and appeal again, and see what happens, as a long time had past, I really have changed this time, and (no I’m not chucking the blame, just saying!) I’m not entirely sure I was banned fairly (I didn’t manage to understand it from reading the rules twice, but maybe that’s just me).

OK, I’ll wrap this up (not to waste your time, you know - which crikey, I am now) so I used to consider myself a Gryffindor with some Slytherin; daring, bold, and slightly clever and arrogant. But I am (truly) proud to say that I’m now working on my Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw traits, because they are the houses whose virtuous are those you find in the best of people.

Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)

Twice - and I will again in the following days to refresh my memory.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this? No, only rejected twice for appealing with no serious change or reason why you should unban me. Although, er, I hope this appeal won’t make it thrice, y’know …

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