Kal Toran and Mordrem

Kal Toran watched from above, an angry look on his face as he saw the happy people of Askaria doing their daily activities. He thought about how healthy the people were, how he could not get souls from the healthy ones living their natural life. The Gods anger grew as he thought about how the rift was destroyed. He needed a way to get himself the souls once again. The area around him felt off as he looked around. He felt another strong presence, one that was not that of a mortal. A mysterious ocelot crept around, hiding. The ocelot looked up at Kal Toran, sening a sort of mind message. “Why… hello there.” With a small growl, the god turned his head from left to right. “Who is there?” He said, somewhat to himself. The presence seemed familiar to him, and he hated it. A voice invaded Kal Toran’s mind again. “You know who.” The ocelot crept out from behind a tree, almost giving a mysterious smile. Kal Toran saw the creature from the corner of his eye. He turned his head down to the animal and raised an eyebrow. “You seem familiar, but I do not recognise the voice.” The sly ocelot paused for a second, staring. “It is the voice of I, Mordrem.”
“Mordrem…” His eye twicted slightly. “Tell me who you are and why you have the aura of her.” The god let out a snarl as he stared at the cat. “Oh, you mean Aurelia?” The ocelot shifted into a human form. "We were born of nearly the same star. I mean, not that you’d know."
His eyes widened slightly, before he grimaced at the mention of the name. He then got an idea in his head, making a smirk form along his face. Kal remembered the feelings he and Aurelia used to have for one another before he lost his humanity. His smirk widened, only to quickly drop as he remembered the other God beside him. He scoffed slightly. “Pleasure to meet you.” He said sarcastically before disappearing from the sight of Mordrem. “And you as well…” Mordrem’s eyes began to twinkle with mischief. “But really, the pleasure is all mine. I mean, after all, it seems you bear none.”