KathoLP - Maximilian Booth - Inappropiate Conduct


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Minecraft Username: KathoLP

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Maximilian Booth

Discord (if applicable): Katho#9605

Reason for Ban: Inappropiate Conduct

Why should we let you back in?
It took me a while to decide making this ban appeal. At first I felt misunderstood. And I have gone through a lot of stuff to elaborate the whole case with myself and partially with Knockturn friends, who stuck to me after my ban and who I appreciate a lot for this.
At first I want to say: I never meant any harm, never had any malicious thoughts or bad intentions. I never willingly went on illegal paths, as I hate rule breakers and don’t want to be associated as such, which now had happened and I am embarrassed to be in this position.
Yet I understand why. Even though I had never intended anything bad, I realize that my actions were questionable and staff did right to take action, not just to protect the community, but also to protect myself from further mistakes. What I did was wrong, very wrong. When you start hanging out with a person and you become friends, you don’t really keep having in mind the age difference… so you start talking about things, that may not be for their ears, and it is right to protect young people from a confrontation, when they are not ready for it.
I had to learn that. I am a very openminded person, question all kind of things, and my curiosity goes very far about many topics… but what I was lacking was the sensitivity for recognizing when I went too far.
My life has changed a lot. I have taken more responsibilities to take care of myself. And I think this has also changed my view on things related to the reasons I was banned for.
With this ban appeal, I promise to never let this happen again. I promise to be silent about inappropiate topics in presence of minors. I want the shame to end. And I want rehabilitation, what I can only show through this ban appeal.
I am sorry for those who I made uncomfortable, and I hope they can accept my apology.
Before anyone looks at this appeal and thinks “Am I supposed to read this entire text?”, I’m going to stop here and hope, I have explained myself good enough to give you the information you need to make a decision.

With kindest regards
Max Booth
Did you read our rules? (You will be asked to prove you did before being unbanned)
Well, I participated in creating some of them… but yes, I reread them before making the ban appeal.

Have you been banned and unbanned before this?
No, as I said, I hate rule breakers and rule breaking.


We are aware that your appeal has not been accepted or denied yet, and it is still under review. If it is denied, you will be able to reapply 2 weeks from now.

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This appeal has been denied. Please try again in 2 weeks.

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