Killed & Items Stolen

Support Ticket

So, I was at the Mordonia Trick-or-Treating event and it was right when it had ended. I went AFK for literally 5 minutes and come back to being dead and my items gone. I had various items from the event, so pretty much all valuable items.

Request for Solution
I was wondering if it’s possible to rollback someone’s inventory? If not I have no proof/screenshots of what was in my inventory so I guess you’d only be able to restore my items through rollback

Link To Related Bug Report

Note: I know exactly what I had - 1 golden crate key, 1 supplies crate key, 10 blocks of diamond, 3 blocks of emerald, 5 enchanted golden apples, 1 piece, and 39 steak

All items have been returned to Gabby.

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Ooh ok, sorry