Killed Whilst Joining - Mordonia

Support Ticket

I joined Mordonia and was met with the death screen, I went back to the place I was when I died however my items weren’t there

Request for Solution
Have my items replaced
1 stack and 22 Crowns
58 bits
12 pieces
Saint Hat
Wedding Ring
1 Armour Crate Key

Link To Related Bug Report
If this was caused by a bug in the Bug Report forum, please link it here.

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This is either do to afking in a place not safe to afk and dying, and then being afk kicked. Drowning and logging off right before (has happened to me and I didn’t get my things back), it is not due to a bug or glitch and is usually due to not being in a safe place when logging on / off.

Because of this, you will not be getting your items back. The bishop hate yeah, you can have that back, as it’s a rank item. Simply make a /helpop asking for the bishop hat because you lost it.