Kingdom Hearts-

Yo… So I just had a childhood relapse, and I realized… Kingdom Hearts was a HUGE deal back then when it was super popular. So yall know what it is…


The time setting is when chaos starts reigning again. Organization XIII is still at large, and everybody fights for themselves. There are THREE factions. Evil, Organization XIII, and Good.

You can choose one keyblade, and you are not ranked a MASTER yet. Your goal is to eliminate heartless and save others if you’re GOOD. If you’re EVIL, spread darkness throughout the worlds. If you’re Organization, realize that you’re a NOBODY of someone.

You also specialize in magic and abilities! You can choose 4 abilities, including healing. You are ALLOWED to Dual Wield, but MSG me about this.

SO! Everyone will wake up on a stained glass portrait of a sin they commited in the past. They will choose to either walk through three black DOORS. Each one representing their faction.

Name: Kaneki Ken
Keyblade: image

Faction: Good
Abilties: Hurricane Blast, Ripple Drive, Second Chance, Strike Raid
Description: White & Black hair, Fair skin, 5"10’, Calm

Kaneki opened his eyes and saw a vast void of black. He sat up, and a circle of bright glass seemed to be floating, which he was on.

Rubbing his eyes, he stretched and stood up to see three black doors suddenly open.

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