Kiritsugu Hart - FROM: Gryffindor TO: Ravenclaw

Rules For Applying:

  • Title-> Firstname Lastname - FROM: house TO: house
  • Year 3+. Don’t bother applying under year 3. It’s auto-denied no matter what you say.
  • All house changes are final. You can never make another house change again, so be sure you want it.

IGN: ShingekiNoKyojin
RP NAME: Kiritsugu Hart
NEW HOUSE: Ravenclaw
REASON: I’ve been a Gryffindor since 2015 and I never knew I could change houses. Becoming a Gryffindor was kind of disappointing and strange. I am in no way a Gryffindor. Courage and bravery are not even present in my personality.
I’m a proud Ravenclaw everywhere else. I have a passion for learning. Not in every subject of course. Yet when I enjoy learning a subject, I excell in it and even go out of my way to study outside of class and outside of mandatory reasons. It was my Ravenclaw mindset that made me a language learner, and here I am almost fluent in French. Gryffindor just isn’t me.
Gryffindor could represent taking a step into the unknown, and although I did that, it was because of my passion for learning, not for pride. That is the Ravenclaw way that I follow. I cannot imagine myself representing Gryffindor, and for Gryffindor’s sake and all it represents, I should not be in it’s house…
Another thing is that Gryffindor reminds me when I was young and thought all the other houses were evil and Gryffindor was the only true house. It’s not a major factor but I haven’t thought that way for 11 years, so when I got it 4 years ago, I wasn’t too thrilled. It’s not me and it makes me think of the time I thought every other house was bad and it makes me cringe.
I mean this in no offense to Gryffindor. This all self dissing for being in Gryffindor when I don’t belong here. I recently came back to Knockturn after 3 years and to add to my rebirth, it’s time for me to change houses, to the house I actually belong. Thank you for your consideration, heads of the houses.


This application has been accepted! Apologies for the delay.

Welcome to your new house!

Please be patient and wait for the transition of switching houses to take place. Your in-game profile and house must be updated and your discord tags will change accordingly.

This will happen shortly

You must be online in-game at the same time as a co-owner in order for this transition to happen

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