Kitty Cattermole - FROM: Celestine TO: Fenixfyre

Rules For Applying:

  • Title-> Firstname Lastname - FROM: house TO: house
  • Year 3+. Don’t bother applying under year 3. It’s auto-denied no matter what you say.
  • All house changes are final. You can never make another house change again, so be sure you want it.

IGN: SnugglieePotato
RP NAME: Kitty Cattermole
NEW HOUSE: Fenixfyre
REASON: (Must be at least 3 paragraphs. Must really summarize why you arent the other house and why you are the new house. Remember ALL FOUR HOUSE HEADS have to agree to you to move.)
When I first started loving the Wizarding world, I was only 9 years old. I was going through this ‘phase’ where I wanted to be different, not like everyone else. I decided that the most ‘different’ (aka just the least mentioned) house was Ravenclaw. I convinced myself that I was a Ravenclaw because I liked books and school. But as I got older, more recently than ever, I realized that I don’t actually fit into Ravenclaw that well. Last month I took this really in-depth sorting quiz that made me think differently about the houses and their qualities. I realized that although I do fit with some of Ravenclaws qualities, I don’t fit with them as much as I do Gryffindors. I’ve been going through a lot recently family-wise, and although I never considered myself brave before, that seems to be all people are telling me I am when I mention said things. I also hold my family and friends closer than anything else in this world. I would put aside my own troubles and worries to comfort them if they needed it. I was really conflicted at first as to whether or not I should make this change because I love the Ravenclaw community on Knockturn, but I decided overall that I should stay true to myself and at least try to change to the right house for me.
Thank you so much for reading through this! I understand if you don’t chose for me to change, but I just want to make sure you know how much it means to me for at least considering it :slight_smile: p.s. sorry for any typos, I kind of did my final decision for this just now, so Im on my phone.

:slight_smile: floo to Kitty for candy-


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Accepted! Welcome to your new house!

(which is clearly the best choice of the 4)

Make a /helpop when an Owner is online to join your new house.