Knight Knight Reboot

Yes I know the other one is still there but it’s nothing like how I envisioned that roleplay to go, so I’m making a new one that’s a different version, so this time we’re starting it during the siege and it will be nothing but the siege, no adventures or magic or enemy fathers, just siege.

No OPness.
No cussing or profanity. (I don’t expect profanity would come up in this but i’m making sure.)
You can be siegers or good guys.

Rank (Archer, swordsman, or messenger.):

(Can we he our same chreachters just now of the other stuff.)

(Sure. )

(yay \o/)

Name: Christopher F.
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Rank: Vice Commander of Archery
Description: he is a defender. He is 5’ 10" and has brown hair and brown eyes. he wears a green shirt with brown pants and always has his bow and arrows with him

Rp name: mira
Rp age: 14
Gender: female
Rank: specialist
Backstory: she has no memory of who she is. The oldest thing she can remember is waking up in front of the castle gates. She cant even rembered her real name. So people call her mira. She was a natural with a bow and a master with a crafting as well. She was Givin a home and job by the archer commander

(it’s a new plot)

(I know I’m just asking. We’re aloud to use the same chreachters so it makes sence to have the back story of how mira was found, just not all the other stuff with her dad and all that.)

RP name: Matthew Rokkel
RP age:21
RP gender: Male
RP rank: Swordsman
RP backstory: Matthew was a swordsman, born and raised. Spoiler! He’s gonna get captured. Shh

(@Adam_Boynton defender or seiger?)


(No, i’m still commander of archery.)
RP name: Laut Tressen
RP age: 37
RP gender: male
RP rank: commander of archery
RP backstory: Laut grew up in a very poor family and grew up fighting to live, when he was offered a job he took it and was a natural at everything.

(@Goose, you can be vice commander but i’m the commander.)

(@Goose why ya got to take me spot XD.)


(@CuteRedPandas can we start)

(Yes, we can.)

(We’re staring in the middle of the battle right. Or is it were starting right as the enemy is attacking)

(Right as it’s starting, we’re all on the castle walls and they just started attacking.)

Mira sat on the edge of the castle walls.

“Fire at the men operating the catapults!!!”