Knight Knight Reboot

Mira walked up behind laut. She was very good at concealing her presence. “What should I do.”

“Go and sabotage a few of those catapults!” “Sir! Sir!” A messenger runs up.

“Ok.” She said as she vanished.
(Have to wait a few minutes for her to get there.)

After a few minutes the catapults stopped firing.

“Yes?” Laut asks the messenger. “Sir, there has been a breach in the eastern wall!”

Mira took out a few more catapults

After hearing the messenger, Christopher ran over to the eastern wall and started shooting down the enemies, and after 12 seconds, there were 5 enemies lying, dead or wounded, on the ground. He continued firing, and eventually the attackers started staying back, knowing that trying to break through would get them shot.

(That’s a little OP, there is a big group attacking that, it wouldn’t be held off by one man.)

(Let’s specify that this one man has trained with a bow almost all day, everyday of his life. There are people irl that can do better than him (in relation to speed and accuracy). Also I’d assume that the eastern wall wouldn’t be completely undefended. There would be other people there doing just as well as he is)

(Fair point, I digress.)

Mira comes back to laut.

“How many are left?” Laut asks Mira.

“I took out all but one, they have heavily fortified that one.”

“Launch at that catapult!!” He orders.

(btw there’s a big group of archers he’s commanding.)

(Figured XD)
Mira pulled out a bow and stsrted firing.

Laut takes out his fortified bow and readys it. “Aim at the ropes!” He lets a fiery arrow loose, it flies and hits right next to the ropes, the ropes catch fire and snaps.

(Can it be a bow mira gave him XD)
Mira fires a fire arrow at the ropes as well.

(No, it’s a bow passed down through the generations of commanders.)

(Ok XD)
Mira fired a few more shots.