Knight Knight roleplay

This is medieval times, we are in a castle that is being seiged. You are a knight that is trying to defend his home. Or an evil person trying to seige the castle.

You can be an archer, messenger, swordsman, or commander, to be a commander, you must have me accept.

This is the format:

RP name:
RP age:
RP gender: (Back then you couldn’t fight as a woman but i’ll allow it in this.)
RP rank:
RP backstory:


No OP characters.
Keep it PG.
Have fun.
And if you die, don’t go into too much detail.

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RP Name: Christopher Jager
RP Age: 32
RP Gender: Male
RP rank: Commander of Swordsmen
RP backstory: Christopher came from a very poor family. He met Laut a while back, and he discovered that he was very good with and sword and Laut was very good with a bow. Laut would shoot arrows right next to him, and Christopher would deflect them with his sword. Eventually Christopher was promoted to Commander of Swordsmen and Laut was promoted to Commander of Archery.

Rp name: mira
Rp age: 14
Gender: female
Rank: archer
Backstory: she has no memory of who she is. The oldest thing she can remember is waking up in front of the castle gates. She cant even rembered her real name. So people call her mira. She was a natural with a bow and a master with a crafting as well. She was Givin a home and a Archer job by the archer commander.

RP name: Laut Tressen
RP age: 40
RP gender: male
RP rank: commander of archery
RP backstory: Laut grew up in a very poor family and grew up fighting to live, when he was offered a job he took it and was a natural at everything.

RP name: Wisteria Banyacs (I’m very uncreative so I just decided to use my Mordonia last name)
RP age: 19
RP gender: (Back then you couldn’t fight as a women but i’ll allow it in this.) Female
RP rank: archer
RP backstory: Wisteria had been born in the castle, her mother was a servant and her father was an archer. Growing up, she worked worked as a servant with her mother until she was with her father practicing archery and her father suggested that she should become an archer and he could mention it to the commander.

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(So many archers XD)

(I would have gone archery too but for an attack archers arent ideal)

(“I said yes irp!” I blurt out.)

(We can start now.) "Ready! Aim! And, (Pause for dramatic effect.) Fire!

(He’s saying this to the archers.)

Christopher sees an arrow fly right his way and puts his shield up right in time

Mira let’s a arrow fly hitting the target dead on.

(o shoot is this practice?)

A large volley of arrows rises up and down into the attackers, who are just dummies.

(Nope, this is during the seige.)

(We should start before the seige.)

(Ok why not.)

(I created a new rank.)

Mira steadys her bow. Her arrow bad gone threw thw head of the dummy. Mira had been training here for 4 years. And even before that she was a natural with the bow.

(Um… we’re shooting at dummies.)