Knockturn 5th Anniversary Events

Hogwarts Knowledge Competition


Due to the anniversary of Hogwarts, on Saturday , January the 19th at 1pm EST, there’ll be a quizz on Hogwarts! Questions will be from things from today or maybe from a while back!

How will it work?
There will be 4 rounds 3 will be as a race and there will be a 4th extra one. This last one won’t be that easy, and you’ll only have 1 opportunity in that last one, so just for going through it will get you a big prize. For the other 3, it’ll go in levels: first one will be simplish, second will be simple but abit more difficult than the first and then the third one will be difficult tho not as much as the 4th. Thanks to Goose and Kira for helping with this event

What is the prize?
Something very special for both ocations, so even if you don’t win the race, you may wanna give a shot to the 4th and last level.

When will it be?
As said before on Saturday , January the 19th at 1pm EST.

If any questions don’t hesitate to post them below!

Find 10! 10 whut?


So this Saturday, January the 19th at 2:10pm due to Knockturns anniversary there will be a searching event! But what are you supposed to look for??? Well, I’ll tell you what it’s exactly but something that has been in Hogwarts since the begining! :open_mouth: The people who get to find 10 of X will receive a small prize :tada::sparkles:

Best Knockturn Moments!

So as you may know from my previous posts, Knockturn is making 5 years! In these 5 years I’m sure great and very funny stories have happend here! Know one? Has something really funny or special you want to share even if it’s just to win something? Then this is your place :smiley: In entrance courtyard there’s a teleporter to a room where you may submitt your stories and get free books and quills for it! (not for ur own use :>). You’ll be able to submitt your story until the 22nd of January! The winner will receive a chest full of some fun stuff :tada::sparkles:

Scavenger Hunt


So last event I’m planning for Knockturns 5th anniversary is an scavenger hunt! The first clue will be given this Saturday at 5pm EST and will appear in Entrance Hall announcement board, everyone finishing it will get a prize tho first person will receive a very special prize :open_mouth: Thanks to Johnny for helping me with this event

Fact: Conan Doile never says Sherlock wore a hat, but in the 90% of the programmes he wears it.

Any questions? Ask them below!


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Previous questions:

  • Can we write more than one question?
    Yes! Definitely, since each story will count as a different one and hence maybe we don’t like any but 1 and that one wins :wink: but do it in the same book please :smiley:
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Btw, in the quizz there will also be questions for both mord and hogs

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2 first events have both been delayed an hour, sorry for the inconvenience. :sweat:

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